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Your speaking our language and last question because I'm also curious you have a little one right. Yeah two how old he is. Eight years old eight years old. All how sweet is you? You have a lot more years under your belt but you look like a baby. I'M NOT GONNA lie watching your fresh as a daisy. Well so I he's my stepson. But I'm actually older than my husband by four years. And so he's actually like they had him when he they were really young but Hong Kong. I've been in his license. He was teeny tiny so he does not like for me to call him stepson but not special awesome. That okay one last question. Because that's what I do. I always interject one more interesting. I knew he'd be. You have all sorts of really cool information on your instagram. Which people can find in two seconds ramming where can they go for like juiciest stuff So there's kind of two fold the podcast is like where you WANNA go. A level deeper If you WANNA really get like detailed information and then I have a book called the honest India Graham which walks through my process for. How do we work with our number but all written from a place of deep self compassion? Kindness I think a lot of times when we go into this work we can start a real self shaming journey And my hope is that the book creates a away to grow with with also enhancing your love for the process in yourself. That's awesome and I love the way you break things down like you do a really good job like I said of curated content. That's digestible in for someone. Who may not know anything about the NEA? Graham can just top tier instagram. Get a little taste of it and then instantly feels like. You'RE INTRIGUED IN ONE. A diamond earth. It's cool that you have all these other avenues. I think yeah I think I want to be a gateway like I want that instagram to be like this entry point where it feels accessible and fun in inviting into kind of the deeper good work of any grim yeah awesome. Well thank you so much Sarah Jane. We really enjoyed chatting with you. Just a heads up for listeners. I just subscribe to the podcast so hopefully everyone else will too. Yeah and thank you again for just being so insightful. In helping us. Open up a little bit more about this. Sure as soon as we sign a whole the extent some homework. Thank you so much for having fun. Of course have a good one. I don't go anywhere. We'll be right back in.

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