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Whatever when you're two weeks ahead and you put out the video that you made two three weeks ago. Are you so disconnected from that project that you don't even feel like promoting it. Well no, but also. The promotion happens differently here. Now, like we we prepare the material for the promotion like the downs and all that stuff with the video, and then we have a scheduler where we put it in all schedule then. And so? It. kind of that stuff is prepared ahead of time. and. Then we just kind of like back off and move onto the next thing, and then that one is prepared in the now is prepared. So it's it's a little different in that. It's not president of like top of mind but I also don't really have to interact with it that much once it's you know going out, it's the subsidy setup But. Yeah. So we're we're looking at. The next couple of months and actually I guess through the end of the year, we're trying to plan out all the different things we're going to do and start to prepare those and some of them were Kinda. Bigan. Are GonNa take some extra effort so We're beginning to work through those and we're doing some different types of videos that we've never done before, which is fun and also a little weird. Going into a video mailing. All right. Well, how are we going to do this like we've never had to figure out how to whatever? And instead of just jumping into the production side of it like we have in the past were stopping a little bit and thinking through. All right. Well, we wanted to have this tone. We want to cover these types of things and how arena you actually do that camera ahead of time, which I think is good. Thinking ahead not not a bad thing but. Yeah. So that's kind of what we've been up to. I don't think we really have any kind of a topic. Today. I have There's a lot of noises happen. Behind me there's people in the office but I've been thinking a lot about social media stuff lately in we I was listening to Novum questions, which is destined and Matt's Podcasts X. Podcasts if you don't listen to. But they talked about the social dilemma which would watched and brought up a couple of weeks ago I think I still haven't watched it yet, but I listened to their conversation about it but even before that. I've just had this kinda like sour taste in my mouth toward. Social. It's weird. I started trying to make a differentiation this morning in my head between social media and like promotional media because I think maybe what we called social media has become promotional and they just overlapped in a way that we weren't maybe as a people expecting. But I've just had this like sourness toward it over the last year. And have wanted to just really not be a part of it and not from A. You know a Lotta people talk about misinformation and that is a problem. I'm not talking about that ought to people talk about you know the perceptions that people have of themselves based on looking at other people. I'm not talking about that. It's just like. I just don't WANNA be. The sounds a little scary to say I, don't WanNa be as connected to people as I have to be to do my job online. Not Person Like I want to have personal connections. But when you do the social media thing at scale, you have this like open door connection to anybody that wants to say something to you whether you receive it or not whether you respond or not e still have this. Portal directly to your face for everybody who's ever seen anything that you've done and I think there's something about that. that. Doesn't sit right with me. And that's on top of all of the other social media. You know issues that come with it that I think are covered in the social dilemma and I think a I haven't seen this social dilemma. Then a lot of people keep asking me because Rene Duress is in it and we we've all met renate there s a or camp and when not related, and she's not my wife, a lot of people right to sell your wife in the Social Salama. Rene we just share the same name. I mean we might be related through DNA but we don't know. But we met. Through. Make magazine of places because she used to work for O'Reilly media but anyway. What I'm fine. I'm fine I find that some people and this is no groundbreaking statement. Some people just share too much of themselves and they get a little hooked on it and you could watch the addiction starts to take place and I'm not saying that I'm not addicted in my own way to instagram and everything else. I. Think I am but when people start. The real in depth emotional side of them and you know when they start talking about like. Situations with their family but then they turn around and say, Hey, this is how you make stuff it. That's what it gets a little bit strange I my buddy who I hung out with the other at the airport on instagram he doesn't really like instagram but at the same time, he feels a little bit disconnected from business and it was like you gotta get instagram. You've gotTa Cheryl. This whacking is that you want to sell. His and he's like I just wish that you didn't have to have an you know this is Where the world is going unfortunately or fortunately it depends on how you know how benefits you as you don't have to talk about your personal. Judgments should personal instincts just talk about the art in which you want to promote a like instagram to me is like my art gallery and in to get a little bit personal but it really is in many nearly always related to making it ma- making things and making. You know your career your life. If that's what you WanNa, do I have a lot of other personal things that I don't talk about casually I get frustrated like the other day I used it as a tool to ask people what's going on with my Mac.

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