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Clothing or find some shade as long as you protect our skin from the sun reaching for the stars advisory level how big is it going to get quite big ramping up during the afternoon hours forty seven there three to four on the east shore one two three in town that's on its way down on its way down and a new swell wrapping around even the west side at three to five so be careful check in with ocean safety the last advisory levels we had quite a bit of rescue it's along south facing shores and here's the high resolution tropical satellite we already have a hurricane eight over the eastern pacific it's the first hurricane of the season you could see the structure of the system and the eye of the storm and i of the storm has well wins right the center one hundred miles per hour making a category two hurricane it's moving west northwest six six miles per hour by the name of aleta it will be a category two for the next couple of days and then fizzling out over open waters as it moves into cooler sea surface temperatures but a friendly reminder that hurricane season is here and we should be prepared well here at home it's all about this area of high pressure high pressure is fairly quiet when it comes to the trade wind flow we will see enhanced treat when showers tonight and that can last through saturday as well so keep through saturday as well so keep that in mind and then as we head into the next couple of days expect a switch and the winds that could bring us some in the forecast at least at least written upper atmosphere as we had into friday i'll have more on that coming up at five thirty okay thanks so much coming up next though look at the tradition why.

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