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The farms was a ruination and that was all published in the. Actual, citizen. Times newspapers well. That particular court docket. The judge had to dispose of twenty cases in superior core. Before, he could get to the homicide case. That's a lot of cases even for on by today's standards. Evidence that was put into record in the trial included the medical report of Dr Seaver who examined. Mrs. Zeke Austin. Right after. The homicide occurred in he found out or it was determined that she had been sexually assaulted. The prosecution. Attempted Very. Strongly to have this and the doctor's testimony kept out of court in homicide case. But the judge allowed it judge Cook had some very strong sympathies four Mrs Equal Austin. Therefore allow that part of the testimony to come in and a few mentioning 's by. Zeke's wife of Y. or what had actually had happened to her to show motive. Some, very odd things came up in the courtroom. There was particular attention. Brought by the district attorney in his line of questioning which like I said, you can pull up in read if you like. In which he subjects Molly Gatty Austin's wife. To a very bizarre line of questioning, he seemed to become obsessed with whether we're not seek and his mother had eaten dinner before Z could kill George. I guess to show some sort of premeditation maybe. But then it was brought up. That at the time of that dinner Zeke's wife had not disclosed him what. AD. occurred. To her at. The. Hands of cousin. Now. The prosecution objected to mention ing of the rape or the attempted rape and stated that it was immaterial irrelevant and incompetent as a contributing factor to the death of her attacker. The solicitors objections generally were overruled or ignored all together. Now other witnesses were put on the stand. The opportunity to to read some of the court transcripts documents from. Over one hundred years ago. Is Fascinating the way the courts were run and the type of questions that were asked for example. Core. Elite Gatty who was married to the murder victim. was called to testify. She was asked by the. Court. As, follows question. Do you ever go to school any? Answer. No Sir. Only one time. Question have you ever been to Sunday school? Answer. Yes. And then she is asked. By the court by the prosecution, How old are you her answer I don't know. And apparently, she was outside. Of the Vance House and saw the. Killing occur. She observed Zeke confront her husband. And them have an argument and she also observed him coming back across the field. To the house he took the break stick out a little wagon. where the handle that goes to the break in crossed back to where her husband was. And watch him strike. To blows to. Her husband said. Now there is also testimony that. GATTY was only struck once in the head. Several. Individuals who happened be closed by when it happened said that Gatty was struck originally in the shoulder and then a second blow and it was only after. Austin Zeke Austin had left that they approached and found the injury to Gatti's head, and of course, there was the one blow to the. To the shoulder, but the prosecution kept insisting that he had been struck twice in the head. Now. General mother name of Ed Dockery who was a witness introduced on behalf of the defendant. was examined for the defense as follows. He said. Do you know Mrs Austin the wife of the defendant his answer I do. Do. You know her general character I do. What is it? It is very good. How long have you been knowing Zeke Austin most all of his life I lived in the same neighbor hood with him for about fifteen years. You consider him a boy of good sense answer. I don't think I would taking his fancies into consideration I would not think he had good practical sense. He can't read a right answer. No not that I know of is he considered a man of good sound mind answer. I have heard men speak of him as a man of not good common sense. I ask you if it is not the opinion of the neighbors there he is a boy of not good sense and the answer. Yes. There would be an objection I would think by the prosecution at this point because the neighbor is being asked to put into evidence. Information from other neighbors that aren't testifying. Instead of his just his opinion. When cross examined by the district. Attorney. He was asked you mean that he is not educated. Answer no sir. I don't mean that question. Do you mean to tell the jury that he is insane were crazy. Answer. I mean that he does not act like a man of good practical common sense. And that went on for quite some time. Another strange thing when you look compare this court case and what happened to what goes on today is the judge called Zeke Austin back up and questioned him personally. And Zeke was asked. What did your wife tell you? In what did you do? Answer I came home when I came home me and Dan come up the road together and met George Gatty I said Good Morning George and he never spoke. When he? was he coming from the direction of your? House. Yes, and I went to my house she said that George tried to rape her and her waist was all tore up. That was all she told me. It flew all over me and I went out. Was She crying? Yes, she was crying. And she was in the family way. Yes and I went out the door and Mr Gatty. was coming up the road, at that point. Now other testimony ended up showing that several of the other men were aware. Of what at occurred and they were ganging up in ready probably to Lynch mister. Gatti's themselves several of the men at the river the time at picked up weapons. From ground rocks,.

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