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Is kind of it's almost comical one of the most popular ghost stories coming out of San Jose area is probably the Quimby Road Jogger Oh yeah I think I've remember reading something about like a while ago you probably did re something about it because I I when I looked this up I saw on the Internet like I think it was newspapers that had done stories about it but so you probably did something about it let's see number very credible witnesses have reported seeing Isley figure jogging along Quimby road at night some say that it he appears midnight while others say that he appears as soon as it starts getting dark when thing that most witnesses agree on is that his wearing those tiny jogging shorts I'm just kidding that the jugaris dentist the jogger spots them he will stop and stare at them for a short while before resuming his nightly job Nobody's quite sure who he is or why he is still jogging even after death the I read of firsthand account of this online people said they were on the road and it's probably the part because you know down by Lawrence but by Lawrence in Saratoga that's where quimby wrote back think basically starts or ends depending on how you look at it but that's like more populated area I guess you gotta go up more or South more I guess it would be to get to like a desolate area of the road but I read a firsthand account online about people who said they seem the jogger past them and then like they thought it was really weird that he didn't do anything except job by him in he apparently had no where he was going and then they turn to walk again and they like walk the same way they were walking and no more than like five minutes later they seem the same exact jogger running down the same direction that's kind of trip yeah but so at least you've you've heard of more of these than I have that's weird four more left next there's a school Del Mar High School apparently is haunted really yeah I had no idea the hunting is the hunting dates back to before the school was even built allegedly yeah a boy was murdered by his best friend back in nineteen forty two on the spot where the athletic field now is Jesus horrible this explains why students and staff lack of reported seeing a boy running up and down the bleachers at the side of the field there's also been reports of disembodied screaming at three fifteen every night see that kind of tripped me out to the time that the murderer apparently took place this voices are screaming or shit like that and then at three three fifteen a m the witching hour is three witching hour yes so oddly enough this murder took place at three fifteen in the morning so yeah stay away from del Mar the next one is kind of it's it's not a joke but it's kind of like Oh yeah the that's the most widely known haunted place in San Jose give you one guess when Surrey host the one all right everybody knows what that is this woman Sarah Winchester built this house never stopped building it and now it's on a problem leaving going there if I'm not mistaken next week have you been it's been a long time but yeah I have yeah it's cool it's fun I mean I I didn't scared I dunno just wasn't my thing I actually I got I had a scare in there because they have this cool effect where the girl is hidden and she was supposed to be chester and then like the little light and right in front of you that scare the Shit I mean but it was a jump scare so yeah all right two more independence high school apparently wanted I didn't know that really yeah let's see what it is yeah let's see is a reputation for being haunted the theater is said to be home to an entity which goes by the name of George it has been suggested that this is the ghost of a man who fell from one of the state's catwalks while he was working there he's been known to switch lights on playful ghost and off during presentations and performances he also flips empty seats up and down and loves pranking students who are alone theater practicing for shows see this sounds like a benevolent spirit yeah he's he'd sounds like just a friendly one yeah like a playful ghost yeah yeah so the over the years George seems have grown more powerful some might even say more violent well that's what I'm talking about now if you're gonna be haunting you might as well do some fucking do some dirt you know what I mean for real I mean this like playful ghosts and poltergeists and shit like that they need to like do some scary Shit I dunno down for that Casper Shit however he has remained more mischievous than anything else in he has never actually harmed anybody all right the now the number one on this list which I don't even think there's places anymore in fact I'm pretty sure it's not Agnew's insane asylum I you know that was right sounds familiar earlier out there were sun microsystems I think are no oracle think it is now it's out there it's like right over by by river mark actually right now if you go down river mark the street right because it's like Lafayette isn't it off Lafayette you know where the Safeway is right yeah go down that road with a safe way you'll come out right on Lafayette right where it is on Lafayette you'll come out of Lafayette into the to the left of you will will be the the land where the agnew's asylum was okay yeah and I I've known that that place was rumored to be haunted but I don't it's not even around anymore I think they demolished I went online and I looked into like how it looked when it was when it was up and running and how it looked when it was like abandoned and shit been the spot to go to man for like an abandoned building adventure would have been the best place ago plus asylum dude fuck man some of the best ski East Kerry scary levels on video games like asylums yeah they do or like a abandoned orphanages or some weird shit like that unfortunately I don't think you can visit this place if you come here you can go see where we used to be but let's see let's let's hear a little bit about it and then we'll move onto whatever else we have I know there's some good stuff that was in the keep avenues insane asylum as it stands now well this is obviously updated was built in one thousand nine hundred ninety replaced previous structure which was destroyed in nineteen twelve there are several ghosts and residents both from the original building and the ones that replaced it some of the activity is frequently reported glued doors opening on their own lights going off in a foul smell that comes and goes and rooms filling up with smoke for no apparent reason many people have also seen a lady in yellow who begs for help finding her children but then vanishes abruptly if you do attempt to help there's also been reports of other apparitions things being thrown owned by unseen forces and disembodied screams and laughter flu that's Seaman I would've loved to have gone there when it was still around would you is it oh yeah for sure yeah I don't know how long I would've stayed but I would have been down for that shit man tell you one thing if I see somebody in so I'm like no boom done there's this article I've seen online this guy had taken a lot of pictures of the inside of the place before it demolished the pictures he had posted there was like twenty eight of them I think twenty-something pictures they were those were creepy pictures you know it was just like doors that were all old and they never used with old signs on them and Shit just really fucking creepy shit We we will move on those folks are the most haunted places San Jose if you ever come visit is give us a ring if you ever come visit yeah definitely definitely give us a ring twitter contact the outliers dot com if you're gonNA use email or at the spot on twitter we will be happy if we're not working to take you on what like fucking most haunted places in San Jose tour that'd be fucking funded you all right what are we gonNA keep man We should stick on the the because this one's stuck out to me when when I read it the fiend is ruined and that sticks with the spooky theme if I'm not mistaken we're does I think yeah I think it does well usually we have the key for longtime listeners knows at will know that's how we keep our information shared women don't do a show notes but I look at it this time and it said there's three things on there and one of them is the fiend is ruined yeah what what is that wants to now so as you know and I and the viewers might not but I watch wrestling so you know wwe now a w because that's started new Japan pro wrestling you know so I watch a lot of wrestling and in the in the debris there's this guy named Bray Wyatt so his character before was like this kind of cult leader you know kind of guy and he had like back a couple of other people with him and you know they they're stable or their faction was called the Wyatt family while they broke up you know and then he kind of bows in obscurity for awhile and then he was gone from TV for like a long time and usually when somebody's gone from TV they're they're getting like a new character or they're rebuilding you know they're trying to figure stuff out like creative is trying to figure stuff out to do for them you know that makes sense you come out I wouldn't even have thought about that aspect of it but yeah yeah so he comes back and there's a segment called firefly funhouse and where it's almost like a like a pewee style like peewee Herman style show where he's super exorbitantly happy and he's just like saying all the stuff but it's also like very like macabre imagery and some creepy tappan and then so the key he's he's so he's in these segments like every week and it's always like prerecord because they showed on the screen and then eventually he starts talking about like the fiend you know and he's like oh the fina wants to come and play or he wants to meet you all this other stuff and then it turns out that the fiend is like this meal being you know or the alter ego of Bray Wyatt and so basically the fiend was portrayed as like like a horror like serial killer almost like a horror like villain movie villain you know like a slasher villain almost and he never spoke very wide always talk like Asbury Wyatt but then when he was a fiend like the funeral okay the femoral mask Tom savini actually design the mask that Bray Wyatt used as the fiend so for those I don't know Tom Savini is a very famous like special effects like practical effects designer an artist in Hollywood for like horror movies Friday Thirteenth Donna the dead day the dead while yeah he's done oughta stuff and he makes like masks you know and he made a lot of other props for a firefight funhouse and so brought in big guns for this yet yes so he so he designed this mask you know and so brave was like wearing it and you know so he was that's what the fee was so the fiend would basically you know he would you know bridal sale he would you know let him in you know he would he would you know he wants to meet you and the first guy he wrestled was Finn Ballard so they did these segments where the fiend would like the lights would go out how and it would sound like a power outage and then what they do is they have yeah and then what they would do is they would have like these guys like they have crew members like be at the ring like kneeling and they had like spotlights so the shine spotlights on the wrestlers and then like the fiend behind them and then like when like attack him beat him up and they play like this creepy music that's basically just like like psycho it's screeching like music so just it was very horror sounds cool yeah dude it was everybody was like this is fucking like at first with firefly funhouse people are like what the fuck is this shit what is going on more than more when the more like macab stuff started people were like wait a minute what this isn't what it like this what'd appears you know so and then came earlier this year at Summer Slam which is one of the big pay per views the fiends I match with Finn Ballard so the fiend comes out and his entrance is fucking great so brave already had like really bad ass fucking entrance music but they completely remixed it and it just fits so it's so fucking good it is so good and so brave why whenever he made his entrance you'd always carry like a lantern you know and it would just add his image was really cool because you look like he was unlike the swamp era like that's like what he kind of looked like like a guy from like the swamp you know like like a hillbilly you know would that would come in with the vest I'm thinking of someone else maybe I dunno vest is very generic you'd have to be more specific brown leather vest humid he one point brown leather like apron maybe like a leather face thing okay maybe that's what I'm thinking of anyway but you know so he eh so he would always carry like a lantern with the ring will the fiend carried a lantern too but the lantern was inside like they made like it looked like he was carrying like the severed head of Bray Wyatt Nice lantern was like in against Fim Valor and he just completely like just destroys Fin Ballard even at the end it looks like he tries like break Fin Ballard's neck you know just like twists very destroys them so in wrestling what they do is the term is protect so they're trying to protect the character which is like they're trying to be like this character is lake something like we're really pushing and it's like we're behind it so he can lose and he can't look weak he always look strong so throughout the weeks the fiend would basically attack.

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