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LD the search continues for the people in two cars to open fire at the corner Simpson Stourton Bonnie view last night the result of bystanders dead two women were wounded happened around seven thirty police still investigating four people were taken to the hospital after they were shot at the San Antonio mall on the city's south side last night police say two people were transported to the hospital in serious condition the other two had injuries that were non life threatening police in grand prairie say a fight between two siblings ended with a deadly stabbing police say Abigail contraire us was driving in a car with her brother eighteen year old Nathaniel contraire us Tuesday evening when they got into a physical fight police say Abigail stab her brother then drove him to a nearby hospital he died from his injuries police arrested her on a charge of murder she is being held at the grand prairie detention center on two hundred thousand dollars bond Stephen Pickering newsradio ten eighty KRLD a man who killed another man while driving on the wrong direction is been sentenced to twenty years in prison January of twenty eighteen Cesar Romero was driving north bound the southbound lanes of route eight twenty west to loop when he crashed head onto a vehicle being driven by another man Romero's blood alcohol level according to prosecutors twice the legal limit a large fire that started Waxahachie recycling plant Wednesday morning and forced to nearby charter school to cancel classes of anger under control but the only way forward to go out as Ford to burn itself out our partner on TV NBC five reports school will be back in session tomorrow Dallas County health department reporting another person has died because of the flu he was seventy nine years old living and being pre existing medical conditions third person to die in Dallas Becky county because of the fear all the traffic and weather together in the weather and traffic center we have a collision the ad hi thirty west bound to add L. B. J. we heard a report that it was a fatale the with the person crossing the highway on a bike that has things tied up and there's also a racket thirty five south at.

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