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Best in the league he's definitely of pro prospect uh for us he i think he's one of the cops in the nation's tackles or a law and i think it starts with that i think we can hang our ad on our defense to mind play i think that's helping us the mature on the back in uh after corner spot as well as the outside backer spot where we thought you know we're gonna you know deep to mature a little uh and then offense way i think the tj lent ah you'd always kind of subtly the end and he knows you know week i didn't know what we need to do with m offense of weight you could throw the football uh and we've created a run game with you areas days to know area uh to be able to keep people off when we can create some uh play action off there run gave so um you know they're still things in the making i think we've got to get some guys healthy you don't david mody at the after tailbacks bod he gives the hour back opportunity but i think can killed then uh various days a guy we're gonna hang our adok coach year your battle step sinn this week at stetson they play in the league that my brother used to play in the old pioneer league he played out a valparaiso they just showing their league did stetson in two thousand and thirteen what are you know about this week's opponent uh i know that scheduling times can be differ for cold it's the old niro you're looking at bryant harvard robots stetson and it makes you pause for a second if you're a fan but what are you know about this football team that you're playing this weekend well i i know they're struggling a little bit right now but you know they recruit from in the area florida where they get a lot of skill some very good skill uh so i think the loaded that way there there are all one five but they're getting better they just pay way foul po uh last weekend and actually came back have non type kick they recovered and that a chance to win.

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