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Covers from all the stress of the day whether it's mental stress muscial stress physical stress right dietary stress. Whatever it may be and so by analyzing data. You actually start to get better insights about how you can do healthier things during debt and what things really work for you and what other things don't know i think that's actually accurate And you can just tweak tweak until when it gives it basically it so there's so much data there and it's also very easy to understand you know i mean the it's very user friendly right like so you don't have to be tech genius so to speak right to kind of figure out what what kind of what the information is so. You can integrate in apply and by the way this is not a commercial for you. I really do believe this. 'cause like i said i use so of these devices just out of curiosity and i've been wearing this for months longer than any other women wherever work so earn appreciate that and you know. Luckily you know for comey wise. We've we've just found out today. The case like sony people. Just tell us that like. This is the longest. I've actually ever kept the wearable. It's something that you know..

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