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For the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland second down in 10 from the Steeler 46 main field is in the guy for receivers deployed shotgun snap 2nd 10 short pass inside the number. A stationary catch of the 40 yard line is made by Hooper the tight end. Every game has switched to the Pittsburgh Steeler 40. Tony. This is what the Browns like to do. They like to play 12 personnel. That's one back too tight ends too wide receivers but technical empty and look for the match up because this feels to be in regular personnel, So they're big people out there a bunch of linebackers and they're trying to get matchups there and don't watch out because sometimes they catch Jarvis Landry on one of the linebackers happened last week in the game, and they spoke, took advantage of a third down and four Cleveland at the Pittsburgh 40 after the interception hunt. Beside a Mayfield in the gun receiver in motion. Five man rush shotguns quick throughout the middle. It's part grabbed by Landry 30 minutes and tackle missing 20 goes to the timbers to the first sideline. The five points in the tank with two runs into the end zone. Touchdown. A 40 yard catching one touchdown on a pears from Baker Mayfield. Jarvis Landry. It's 13 you nothing. The Cleveland Browns with 10 37 to play in the first They're going to take Jarvis Landry and motion across the formation. He's one on one. It's man coverage against Mike Hilton, Nickel and help just gets a place playing way out to out far outside his leverage. It's a simple slam pattern, but there's so much space.

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