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To be under secretary of something or other but I still have access to top secret information by implication I'm still in the no I'm still an insider, and I think that that. Suggests the status that can translate into access prestige opportunity. The opportunity take an ad the monetary aspect so It's a way of staying a member of a. Club of this foreign policy, elite, and in the camp I'm in I'm not persuaded? The foreign policy elite does all, that good of a job and therefore I'm. Not particularly interested in perpetuating the privileges daddy late. We're speaking with Andrew base of. Each retired professor from Boston. University. And he's written a piece in the Boston Globe entitled security. Clearances should terminate with government employment I was reading some of, the many comments to your piece and at least one guy. Thinks said and maybe, echoed, with others were thinking. Like at least I have a couple of people sign off if you're going to extend the courtesy and not, just let it. Ride Right because there's no I guess approval process for this, once you are done with government. Service I don't know enough about the actual, procedures that allows a person to maintain their security I don't know. Exactly how that happens I think one could reasonably make an argument, that there there's a particular individual who particular specific expertise in part of the world or in. Some kind of a scientific or technological area then yeah I, guess you could make the case that person should retain their clearance but that's not the way it is right now now it's quite a broad gauge permission calling.

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