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Pressure. Joe Biden, obviously continues to lead in the polls, according to the real clear, politics, pull average is well ahead of the rest of the field at this point nationally, but he has been dropping his been dropping up near forty percent in the real clear politics poll average just a couple of weeks ago. His down to thirty four percents in the real clip, politics poll, average right now he leaves Bernie Sanders in Iowa by just four percent. He's up on Bernie Sanders by about thirteen points in New Hampshire, but there are no real late breaking polls there. Somebody guesses that the lead is smaller than that. And the reason that he is beginning to recede, beginning to regress back to me is because Joe Biden is not a good candidate. The problem for Joe Biden is this his pitch is basically, you know, me, you know, I'm all Joe, all Joe Biden and because of all, you know, no me for thirty years. I've been consistent. I'm I may rock of solidity at a time of instability, you can feel comfortable with old, Joe Biden. Well, the only problem is that if the case that you are making is that you are a rock of solidity. You cannot be waving around, like a palm tree in the wing. You can't do that, if the idea is that Donald Trump is too volatile and that you are, again, going to be that safe harbor for Americans who just want something steady in time of trouble, you're going to be that, that ship that doesn't move with the waves you're just going to plow right on the head through those eddies. If you are, that guy, you can't be the guy who switches, your mind every five minutes out of pressure left, because now many Americans are going to feel that you are, unstable and many folks on the left, they're gonna feel that you're insincere, see what people are looking for, in a candidate is a level of authenticity, is what Donald Trump was the nominee and why the president because when it came right down to it. He has level of authenticity that is that is, well, that, that I think, is, rare in politics, and people see that. Is interesting. I was listening to another podcast by getting him. Larry Wilmore who's a comedian and comedian of the political left, and you made a distinction that I thought was actually quite a good distinction. The distinction was he's talking about politics. And he said there are three types of people in politics there. The truth teller people who say things that you don't want to hear but her true. And then there are people who are honest. And then there are people who just spout bullcrap bullcrap are people who just say, what they think you want to hear Kirsten gillibrand perfect example of the bull-crap candidate and the candidate who just wants to say, whatever it is that, that you want her to say, and then there's the honest candidate, the honest candidate isn't necessarily honest about the situation but his honest to their feelings. So they're saying what is in their heart, and this is very attractive to Americans because usually, these are the only choices available and sometimes honesty, beats the third choice, truth, telling because if truth telling amounts to I'm gonna tell you something you don't wanna hear people don't want to hear that stuff, and they also don't want to hear Bs. They don't wanna feel like they're being pandered to what they're looking for is somebody who mostly tells them the things that they they. Kind of like, but somebody who, who says, what is in their heart because now we can get a glimpse at the real you write, that is Donald Trump's appeal. Joe Biden is a master be Esser as Larry Wilmore says, and he he's exactly right about this. Joe Biden is a BS artist. And the problem is you cannot beat honesty with a BS artist. You can only beat honesty with somebody else who is perceived as honest, and this is the case that the radical left is making they're saying, listen of all of our candidates. The guy who is the most honest is Bernie Sanders. Now, the left is having to determine whether Elizabeth Warren is honest, or whether she is a BS or to them, whether she's just telling the radical left, whether she just telling radical left what they want to hear. But one thing is becoming eminently clear in the first few weeks of his campaign, Joe Biden who portrays himself as honest, Joe guy who gaffes into honesty, but he's honest. And he's solid his none of those things. His BS artists will shift all of his opinions on a moment's notice. If you receive any sort of pressure today's example, Joe Biden has now caved on the Hyde amendment to the Hyde amendment for. For those who don't know is a is an amendment. Those passing the nineteen nineties to a federal Bill has been attached in virtually every appropriations Bill since and has been continuously enforced for twenty some years. The Hyde amendment says there will be no federal funding for abortion. So if federal funds are available for a clinic, the clinic has to make sure that it is not using those federal funds for abortion. So Planned Parenthood gets funding from the federal government, but they have to pledge that money is not going to be used for abortion. Now. The reason that this isn't helpful when it comes to Planned Parenthood is because Planned Parenthood is an abortion clinic, so that means that all the money is fungible, any costs that they defray from federal funding in one area, they can then use money from another source, and then put it into sponsoring abortion with that said the Hyde amendment is obviously a very good part of law. And the reason it's a good part of law is because you should not be paying for somebody else's abortion. Obviously, you know, used to agree with this was Joe Biden. So here's a brief history of Joe Biden on this issue. I'm gonna tell you the history. And then we'll place in audio of Joe Biden backing up the case David Harsanyi of the federal. A-list put this out there. In nineteen Seventy-six Biden, voted for the Hyde amendment, a law banning federal funds to pay for abortion in nineteen Ninety-one the Biden amendment to the foreign assistance, act and any American aid from being used in research related to abortions in nineteen Eighty-four Biden supported the Mexico City policy, which bans federal funding for private organizations that provide abortion advocates decriminalise abortion or expand abortion services in nineteen Ninety-three Biden voted to save the Hyde amendment in one thousand nine hundred five and nineteen Ninety-seven by voted for partial birth abortion bans, that would be vetoed by Bill Clinton. In on June fifth two thousand nineteen to Biden continued his forty plus years, support for the Hyde amendment. In fact, I have read before me, a New York Times piece that we talked about just two days ago. Two days ago, title of it was Biden still backs Hyde amendment, which bans federal funds for abortions and that piece discussed in exchange that Joe Biden had regarding the Hyde amendment. He was asked by the ACLU whether he's still supported the Hyde amendment and he said, no, I no longer support the headman, then he reversed himself again. So back in two thousand seven here was Joe Biden talking about public funding for abortion on meet the press. Are you still oppose the public funding for abortion? I still oppose the public funding to abortion. And the reason I am as again, it goes to the question of whether or not you're going to impose view to support something that is not a guaranteed right? But an affirmative action to promote so that was Joe Biden's perspective. And that remained his perspective from nineteen Seventy-six all the way. Two thousand nineteen months ago. He was asked this question by member of the ACLU on the Hyde amendment. And here's what he had to say this may four thousand nine hundred and Columbia South Carolina..

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