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The city of chicago is honoring the memory of chicago police commander paul bauer mayor emanuel spoke to a new group of recruits on sunday he says they'll name after commander bauer others chicago police and fire academy of course of our city and contributed to this great city in any way we honor them when they leave office doesn't mean their world has left us all bowers one of those individuals to monitor bauer was shot and killed by a suspect last week construction of that new training facility which will be named after bauer is expected to begin later this year a ridesharing customer was shot and killed overnight near jackson pork hospital chicago police say the victim was in the back seat of an uber when he was shot by someone in a second vehicle a witness sammy jackson talked with channel line the air bag was allowed laggard numbered yet on of rogue gove of the you'll know where the as governor aman the uber driver was unharmed he drove the victim to a hospital at victim was pronounced dead no suspects in custody police are warning about robberies in the downtown pedestrian and tunnel more from wgn drudge about it should happen at least three times in recent weeks five young men surround rob people in downtown subway pedestrian tunnels most recent happened wednesday morning in a string of attacks dating january 30th happened in the red and blue line tunnels with people being kicked in a handgun pulled on them pictures of four the five are on the tribune website roger banish wgam news and thousands of people rallied in downtown chicago sunday they're calling upon president trump and lawmakers to taking more on gun control specifically teber background checks on gun buyers grace gullion is a high school student she was there with other classmates no other narcogeneral screens experience an and where you shouldn't be scared in a classroom you shouldn't be scared for your life for him full turner protesters showed up as well saying they were there in.

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