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I congress let let's start with Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi has returned or tained position of sort of a liberal fan. You know, she's their leader. But her ability to fight with the president has really gotten her a lot of accolades, but at her core, she is a pragmatist. She is a person who understands that government has to keep working and she has to get bills passed. And we saw that this week in her chamber. It is not a perfect Bill. It is not a Bill that made her liberal flank very happy. And I think that pointing out the Hastert rule, which is very inside. DC thing is a great point. She's not ruling like Paul Ryan or John bainer did over that chamber. She is moving legislation in a way that isn't perfect. And for that reason this legislation would do some of the things that Democrats wanted, and would do some things that maybe they didn't I think that what we're going to see as a real test of Washington, and maybe the only test that will will be conducted before we get to November of next year of can they get it across the finish line. Can they find real by by camel agreements going forward? Immigration lawyer, Laura Mukherjee visited the border patrol detention center in Clint, Texas last week, she described, the conditions facility to my colleague, Meghna Chakrabarti on Tuesday. We saw children. Who were hungry who were dirty who were sick and who were terrified, and who have been detained for days and weeks and some nearly a month? The children consistently reported that they did not have enough food to eat the children were dirty most of them had not showered since crossing the border. Pierre Thomas not so many days ago. Vice president Pence gave an interview to Jake tapper on CNN in which tappers kind of pressed him to say. Hey, why is it that these kids don't have toothbrushes who are these kids don't have pillows like what's going on down there that these not only? Are we detaining them in this way? But we're not even giving them the most fundamental human needs, and penson. Gosh of only congress would act. All this would be different. He really didn't indicate that even that minimal amount of expenditure was possible prior to that this Bill is now been passed the Senate Bill embraced, what confidence is there that the kinds of conditions that Mukherjee described to, to Meghna earlier this week will Eason eventually evaporate, even if people continue to be detained. It's unclear clearly the immigration issue in southern borders of vaccine issue. You have increasing numbers of families coming to the border trying to get across..

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