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Thread repor amd says it will still fit in the same motherboard socket it'll be built on a twelve nanometer process and available in q three amd also demonstrated the first seven nanometer g you that will be part of amd's instinct line of chips instinct is meant for machine learning though the new chip will make its way into radian gaming cards as well amdi did not announce any other specs but it was shown with thirty two gigabytes of high bandwidth memory samples of the seven nanometer gp or going out now and amd expected in products by the end of the year well novo announced the modular z three play phone in brazil wednesday it has a six inch twenty one sixty by ten eighty eighteen nine aspect ratio screen with the fingerprint reader on the side z three play we'll sell bundled with either a speaker module or a battery module for four hundred ninety nine dollars starting this summer apples air pods will get support for live listen when it arrives in ios twelve live listen is designed to work with made for iphone hearing aids streams microphone audio from the phone to the hearing aid to aid comprehension and it will now do so with the air pods as well amazon echo and echo dot will begin shipping to customers in france starting june eleventh the echo spot will follow in july amazon says it built the experience from the ground up just for france prices will be temporarily discounted at launch reuters sources say z t has reached an agreement to lift the us ban on buying from us suppliers which has caused z t e to cease major operations the deal supposedly includes a billion dollar fine plus four hundred million dollars in escrow to cover any future violations the us commerce department says no definitive agreement has yet been signed phil zimmermann creator of pgp encryption has joined start page dot com to work on product and crypto start page offers a privacy focused search engine and email service uber will launch its jump electric bicycle sharing service in berlin by the end of summer ceo derek does russia he announced the launch in berlin saying hooper wants quote too.

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