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Passengers wanted to board a flight without weapons after nine eleven no one on board a flight without biases we'll find out what it's like to fly now and what changes could be made permanent the Supreme Court hears two big cases this week involving president trump's financial records and the electoral college the legal eagles will be here also here to members of the LA group she kind of got mad the way she got a Batman as function as a band we get together and see our faces and collaborate and now virtual collaboration the new snacks live from NPR news I'm Jack Speer president trump today suggested he might be keeping his distance from vice president Mike pence that's after one of pence's aides tested positive for the corona virus as NPR's Frank or donors reports all give one another a wide berth for now on the device of the White House medical unit during a rose garden briefing president trump emphasized that the vice president had tested negative for the virus after his press secretary Katie Miller tested positive trump said he and the vice president had not seen each other since and handed they would discuss separating themselves as a precautionary measure but he comes into contact with a lot of people it's something probably during this quarantine period will probably talk about I have not seen him since then but I would say that he will he and I will be talking about that yeah we could talk on the phone a senior administration official said that trump and pence will be maintaining their distance in the immediate future some officials who had contact with Miller ourself quarantining Franco or Dona as NPR news New York City mayor bill de Blasio says the city will backstop more than a thousand community health providers who assist minority and low income neighborhoods the goal will be to right now maximize the use these community based facilities that providers the clinics they have such a big impact on their communities help them right now to be in the forefront of our efforts to fight back the corona virus and a news conference today to Baguio saying overall it appears the numbers are moving in the right direction including declining hospital admissions and total positive test numbers as countries live coronavirus lockdown measure some including Germany and South Korea are recording optics in new cases NPR's Jason Beaubien reports the World Health Organization is calling on countries to carefully plan how they move into the next phase of the pandemic top officials at the W. H. O. R. ward the countries are haphazardly moving to suspend the stay at home orders Mike Ryan head of emergencies says his business is reopened the risk of transmission will increase he says countries need to have strong public health measures in place to monitor their outbreaks and in his words see what the virus is doing around them trying to drive through this blind is about as silly and equation as I've seen and I'm really concerned that certain countries are saving serves up for some seriously blind driving over the next few months the W. H. O. says places looking to lift lockdown should consider whether they have adequate testing in other systems to quickly detect and manage any surge in cases Jason Beaubien NPR news first quarter earnings numbers are continuing to roll in with no showing at least some damage as a result of the corona virus pandemic and business closures hotel chain Marriott saw its earnings plunge in many areas because medic maker Cody also reported losses however some other earnings especially for tech companies have been better the Dow was down a hundred nine points today but the nasdaq closed up seventy one points you're listening to NPR Dan this is KCRW on Larry parole it is a Monday may eleventh a very good evening to you here's what's happening at seven oh four hello unified school superintendent Austin pewter today pleaded with California government leaders not to slash funding for education even as he acknowledged the dire condition of the.

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