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The garlic festival but had more in his rifle Andrews and in his backpack he killed three people including two children and wounded thirteen others before he turned the gun on himself the FBI is investigating the case as domestic terrorism fifth third bank is increasing its minimum wage to eighteen dollars an hour well we're moving from fifteen dollars an hour eighteen dollars an hour you'd have to go we will from twelve dollars or fifteen dollars an hour normal for fifteen eighteen dollars an hour that's a fifty percent increase the last couple years is there a bank CEO and chairman Gregg Carmichael says they will raise their minimum for over four thousand employees beginning on October twenty eighth we saw sixteen percent reduction employee turnover we did a twelve to fifteen dollar an hour increase which is pretty substantial a week spec this increase the biggest employer of choice from Ellie perspective and we believe this clean even further help improve or employee turnover Facebook is calling the removal of the storm area fifty one event to a mistake it is put the page back up on its website Matthew Roberts the events creator says it was removed earlier today for allegedly violating community standards more than two million people have signed up for the tongue in cheek event on September twentieth Roberts is not seriously advocating anyone storm the military base that's just to Allah over a hundred miles outside of Las Vegas your A. B. C. six first warning weather some scattered showers and thunderstorms expected early this evening with a low of sixty eight I'm Alison Wyant our next report and seven o'clock for breaking news and weather alerts instantly follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN news because news breaks in an instant twenty four seven radio six ten WTVN it's what we do know these days it just seems like quality craftsmanship and professionalism and timeliness and attention to detail just isn't what it used to be what are you here listen to what actual customers.

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