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Of course. I will but yes i know yes. I do realize that. I know wednesday is press dang. I'll suddenly see what i can do. I just thought i'd better won't even case Yes yes. I will yes You do remember. Mrs burgh came the edisons clear voice of the wire. And when we gave you this job it was on the strict understanding that the word to be no extra days off no emergencies or crises. If you came to us you promise never to leave us in the lurch on press days. Rose remember the conversation. Extremely well mrs. Yuba had a face like an isosceles triangle. Only apex with blue hair in two zero signs but is terrified so much that she had made the promise. Unhesitatingly with every intention of keeping it sides with the wealthiest folks lodger who was always home at teatime before the children had finished school. The future seemed secure. Could afford told the law would be summoned to scotland in dying mother or that the children would succumb to mumps. Measles simultaneously healthy my very best. Mrs jubeir she said dispatch. These do there because this sort of thing really mustn't happen. You know we've been very good to you. Made special arrangements for you to work a four day week. Yes i know very well. Then after the formidable click with which mrs jubeir off him the immediate pale of the front door of god now wat- roast and draft at the door if that's the meter it means another electricity bill. It was not the me too man. The frail looking woman with badly waved head dangling on either side of face. A cocker spaniels is a face. Some ineffectual pale in long anxious gray is in. The mouth made efforts to be firm. It kept dropping back into a weekly curve. A skin was drying chalky and have closed on her. Like dead leaves. After the first rains of winter. Mrs bud voice was locating to refined. Shallow is if she never took in quite enough breath. You know me. But i've heard of you for your professional associates. Well through mrs you better actually. If it's life insurance. I'm afraid i'm not interested. Rose swiftly and you must excuse me. But i got to six children the house. I have to get back to them. Knew you send the stand me. I'm giving mrs uber as a reference. Actually she's a friend of my husband's father. Admiral colgate south dean. I say in fact rose so nothing. It was true. That mrs you bad. We can cottages the village of south dane five miles away. No doubt she knew. Dozens of admirals there. Why should that bring this. Dithering woman to stand on the threshold fact. He is desperate. My husband and i mrs colgate went on rapidly with what she seemed to hope winning smile and we happen to hear through the local grapevine. You know that you might have some rooms to let in your house. We wondered if there might be a chance for us to rent them.

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