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Empanadas guava pastries all what else croquettes ham croquettes kiss ethos is little cream cheese pastries and i would just love to have that here so if somebody knows lemme know or you can start to make oregon start to make them with canteen it's gonna turn out into cuban acre so you went to culinary school i did and how was that experience i loved it it's what i always wanted so when i finally did it i was like i should have just done this from the beginning you said something cute to me you mentioned that it was like college i was like the college experience that i always wanted and a lot of ways because i was moving to new york and newark was just crazy coming from florida and it was actually something i was interested in and i came with my best friend and we were just having the time of our lives oh that's good so after that you worked with me really random i don't even know if i ever told you the story of how i how i came to you but probably basically and your fifth month of cool i went to the french culinary institute which was a six month long program and around the fourth or fifth month people start interning restaurants and i kind of knew that that wasn't the path that i wanted to take i didn't know what to do and i was at a party and somebody told me that there was a sign in the window of smith canteen looking for kind of like a helper real yeah and i was like oh i've never heard of that place i was in brooklyn didn't even know what brooklyn was at the time i just moved to new york and i was like i don't even know where this is compared to my apartment but okay so i emailed you back like the next day so funny so we'll skip over those early days want to so you are the first cherry bomb employees back when it was crazy you were the first and only yes back in the crazy days kind of no idea what we were doing not that we do now.

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