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Only other contender david hellier explains at president trump's trade war dispute has injected doubts it's a bit promises money america obey promises passion united badri stresses unity between the three nations has been rattled by governmental schools have tariffs migration and the proposal on the us mexican border in london david hallier bloomberg daybreak europe global news twenty four hours a day on and talk on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm dan guarantee this is bloomberg markets with your morning sports here's callum nicely id before the russia world cup begins the congress will vote on who will be the host of the twenty twenty six tournament but offers going up against the joint begged by us canada and mexico but it's been rated as rest president gianni infantino says the whole process has been spotted the report has had the ut to highlight the strong points in the weak points of each county that was done appropriately and then everyone has to assume its responsibility and take a decision england's cricketers by inaction at the oval lito the australia in the first of five one the internationals scotland's tricky those we'll be hoping for better results on pakistan in the twenty twenty international in edinburgh he lost by forty one putin's yesterday i'm greg rutherford degree britain's twin twelve olympic long jump champion at says he retired from the sports at the end of the season columnists me with your european sports still ahead on bloomberg daybreak europe tesla is cutting nine percent of its workforce but will it be enough to fix the company's deepening cash flow problem and is at and t's doj victory mean even more deals for big media this is bloomberg time is running out african penguin colonies have emptied in the last five years as a breeding populations have gone from two million to less than twenty.

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