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I think i'm not comfortable with the relationship they have because it's very close but it's not just with higher it's will it with a group of her for us with a group of girls and the cut to the chase the point the point being i was in the car we're driving back from the hey slips and i said i don't know if i like the relationship she's like mr blak's had a rough your dad airstan had tripled ammonia he's got to bury two of his friends those like how do you notice information and i i was laughing at that then i left and i left said newly and privately she said i got out of the car and at the back of the car other guys in the only reason i know that about mr blank is because he was crying and class and asked him big riding glass i don't know teacher told her so much money she makes her sixth grade teacher one of her six trade teachers like how much it costs to wipes super you to use to wipe the desk my paycheck is x y z every two weeks i can't afford on x y z amount of money to buy wipes all the time i don't remember i remember what i did my first talent show first grade i wrote about in my book address of his kiss strove to school with my dad shirtless with two of my mom's chainlink belts ratra rupture trip costs might just her tights on uh boots uh and uh and kiss makeup as gene simmons and i was paul stanley in college and a talent shall really and at my dad made me platform dietz out of a pair of all cowboy boots any he cut out who id bottom pieces to make me i was like all i was almost six feet tall jesus now as paul stanley and freshmen in college and a talent show see we were meant to be together yeah that's exactly what i was thinking.

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