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Me on the Saint Vincent sports performance on. All right. Matt rock. Yes in I'm digging the name. Alright can see you already having fun with this guy. Four thirty four BIC cornerback out of temple. I love your story. I mean, he starts doesn't start playing football until what eighth grade something like that. You know, he's, you know, and he's not heavily recruited in now look at and this guy's got some absolute lockdown skill. Yeah. I think if you ask the call this might come out later, this is the the highest they were on a cornerback. It is draft. And they get their guy. You talk about the ascension that he's made coming out. I really just in sports in general didn't didn't start playing sports until he was in eighth grade started out as a wrestler. So you know, he likes contact. He's not afraid to pick it after people is a two time state champion as a wrestler in this guy. Started out as an SDS player at. Presbyterian college, and it was a grad transfer last year in two thousand eighteen to temple not a football hotbed. But it's interesting. The last couple of years the colts take two corners twenty seventeen and eight Hairston an issue with rocky sin out of temple. But I think this is a guy that is in the mix from day one to play on the outside and kind of contended and push Quincy Wilson for a starting job. I think we all have a pretty good grasp that PR sear is going to be one starter at corner. I think rock your send comes in right away and pushed to be a starter on the other side. I think you're right. I'm ethic I like him. And again, I know you're going to be having some fun on Sundays with that name. You know, you are they got rocked by rocky thin. It's you know, off the didn't take any time at all on. I'm liking it. Now, the problem I have with the number forty nine pick is I can't pronounce the guy's name. Okay. So I'm going with Ben vinegar until I hear, okay? Yeah. This is this is a very hybrid in versatile player at TCU. And when you look at the mocks, and you get ready for the draft, and you study, and you know, you kind of memorize players this. This is a guy that to be honest with you. I didn't see a lot. But I we were doing the show tonight with Rick Venturi, former NFL coach he loves this Vic, and he wants a lot of film on this guy. He loves this election for the colts in the second round. He's a player that I think linebacker. He can play up front in the three technique. You can also kick him outside at defensive end in the colts. Love guys up front. That are quick that can blitz gaps that can cause disruption of they did that a lot last year by kicking guys down that it played defensive end like markets on I'm one Lewis. You saw that with Denise, Autry, I think this is another guy that can do it and playing waves and and provide the cult some deception of. Front in terms of what they're gonna do at different times. Especially on third down man Taylor with this on the Saint Vincent sports performance hotline. All right. So that's that's good now tomorrow, and we have with five picks and lot going on tomorrow. This is kind of interesting on this Saturday where things go so quickly you talking about needing to have your information ready and locked in and solid and be ready to pull the trigger on people because you don't have a whole lot of time. And there are still obviously areas of concern or areas where the colts have interest in in picking players, but she's still don't really know. What's going to happen until things in front of you take place? Yeah. I still think a ton of depth left in this draft across the board. I mean tonight yet corner you address kind of at seven. All right, then you address wide receiver. I still think the colts could probably stand to bring in another safety because Maliki cooker has shown Thursday and all the field. Same thing with Clayton gathers. Plus he's only in on a one year deal as a free agent so his future past this upcoming season is a little bit murky. Same thing Matthias Farley tender guy. So he's going to be a free agent next year. So I I still think safety is a position that you can address. Maybe they do it that that here in the third round. I'm not in front of a TV. I'm not certain how the picture going right now at speak with the culture sitting at eighty nine. Maybe safeties a spot they address and then I think after that rounds five through seven four through seven tomorrow. I think that's strictly best player available. Bring us guys in push iron sharpening iron, and it just built depth and competition rest of this spring and going into training camp. The other thing that we forget to you still have once camp stores. There's so many moves Maine and the situation, but but in terms of what you do. And it does seem to be philosophically the direction at Chris Ballard is headed is that you you built through the draft develop players, you you are judicious with what you do in free agency. And this is a perfect perfect example of watching this philosophy play out in real time. It I don't know how he does it. I don't know where its patients comes from. I mean, there's so many good players, and you know, the death is pretty comparable. And I think it just depends on the flavor of the month. And then how these teams of value these players, and they think they're going to fit in the respective systems. But if I was pulling the trigger I would've traded up to ten and giving up four graphics. Defense event positions. But I mean, that's that's why Chris Ballard is Chris Ballard. He is. He's not out of the park the last couple of drafts. There's no indication that this isn't going to be another replica rep as the reps go bat. But yes, he is so patient that he understands this is not the only time you've got undrafted free agency coming up on Sunday. It's still have for hey jealousy. Ongoing to look at other guys veteran players, you know, in June and July if it after cut downs there's twelve hundred players they're looking for jobs after the free season the can go after those guys to supplement the roster. Well, well, I think the other part of it too. Is that? People need to I think temper their expectations is the best way to to look at it. The draft in in in major league baseball in the NBA in the NFL is an imprecise art. It's everyone is a gamble. There. Are no guarantees number one way know, you could come out I play blow out a knee, and alter what's going on everybody understands it. However, if you have a philosophy as he does if you have the faith in the philosophy in a lot of people have everybody's got a philosophy. But when they when things don't go, right? And that first day or first week or whatever it news, stay with it. A lot of people abandoned it and try to create created the guys win and win over time are the ones who have a solid philosophy and stay the course when things are bad. And that's exactly how Chris Ballard looks at it. No, that's precisely what the culture doing. They have a motto they have a final and what it is is they're going to draft. Well. They're gonna try and get as many graphics as possible trading back. We'll do that. And they're going to draft well developed these guys re-sign their own guys and build the core of their team from within. That's why I think some fans don't really understand the whole cap space situated, and why they're not going out and spending more money than they have been. It's because they're trying to save as much money as possible. I think this is part of it. But you're going to need that money to resign guys that are big time players on the team that you're gonna want to win but going forward like Anthony Costanzo potentially in perhaps t y Hilton Andrew luck you might want to get him done before his contract is up based on the amount of money that that keeps going to quarterbacks in the off season. So the cap space is one thing, but he is just so patient, and you so dedicated to his plan, and he's honest with the media everybody kind of understands it he sticks to it doesn't deviate from. The process very often. And yeah, I just think this is a team that I mean twenty one of twenty two starters coming back from last year, it's cheap talent. And by chief talent, I mean guys that are on the rookie deals. You have Andrew lot. That's still on a sensible contract in compared to you know, what some of these quarterbacks are getting right now, I think the time is right now for the colts to get it done and judging by the league they took last year going from foreign twelve to a AFC divisional playoff game. I I don't think there's any reason to think that these core players can't take four steps forward and the colts can't get further than they did last year the playoffs the voice of the Indianapolis Colts. Matt Taylor on the Saint Vincent sports performance hotline. Matt thank you so much your time getting there and hang out with the marketing department. All right. I appreciate you. Thanks. I appreciate it. Matt Taylor colts. They are looking at five picks for tomorrow and coming up, Mr. rob it will let you know what's going on with their picking the third round. He'll catch you up to date on all that. When we come back. We'll spend time talking about NASCAR. Talladega coming up this weekend. 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