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KTAR project crew, welcome the today show. This episode was recorded on June eleventh, and it is not a repeat of the previous episode, although we did just have him on recently just a matter of weeks ago, but today we are on with Daryl Davis Davis is the gentlemen that has converted over two hundred clansmen to turn in their robes and turn a new leaf per se. But today we actually brought him back because we wanted to. Get his thoughts on the current events today. What he calls the George Floyd Lynching, he explained to us what lynching actually meant, and why he believes that George Floyd was not killed. He was not murdered. He was lynched by that police officer, so we really got just we talked about that. We talked about just a whole gamut of things regarding to a racist racist issues, racial issues and we really think he isn't going to like this episode going to try to get out of your way as soon as possible, but really really quick If you guys missed the call in show the other day we had an absolute blast. We had our boy Jesse verdict on. And we took calls. We took your calls. It was a it was A. it was a lot of fun as a new experience as a new feature that we hope to do a lot more often, but if you guys did miss out on that one. Make sure you text anything you can text like Jesse. Verdict says you can text the word farts to two, zero, six, seven, three, seven, seven, three, six, nine, and every time we go live and were accepting calls. You guys will get a text notification. Right on your phone to let you know. Hey, we're live and they'll be Lincoln there and you guys will actually. Actually get to join, or actually you'll get to listen to the conversation and then select whether or not you would like.

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