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A specific goal line role like the falcons and say okay common you're the you're the guy it's just it's part it's a game flow of it the packers that they descent that they decide to put in and so it's gonna fluctuate now we understand that you know it's he took over the job if you're monster ab amongst yes already that's that's part of it which is built into his price in as far as for dynasty that's the the thing you have to weigh is are the falcons going to re up devonta freeman the there's been the chatter already of his contract situation is going to come to a head very very soon answer is yes they were when you when you think they will i one hundred percent that they will reopen i'm everything i've read from atlanta when i was looking this offseason and last offseason to kind of see how do the falcons feel about him they say it's a priority and that that doesn't always mean that it it right happen but given you know how that how he is so important to the type of offense that they run i think that and and that they have said they they want that to be a priority i believe he's going resigned so for me i would take care can right yeah i know him now would one hundred percent point two derrick henry because murray while he's here this year maybe this is the last year of murray in tennessee in the henry can be a monster it's i'm not and i leave i leave with jason that they will resign free no but what's crucial to the success of the atlanta falcons is if you i mean you break down there cap of what they're spending on the running backs is a miniscule devonta freeman was i believe a fourth round draft pick devin cones a second round draft picks they have the ohl you know coleman right around him maybe close tall million bucks this year devonta freeman possible yeah that's changed but there's not much their their cap as far as their cap space they can spend it else one of the team beat great while you have awesome running next for super cheat i we have some good news stories are gonna get into right here joven cool yeah good we are on the.

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