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Hey welcome to stuff to blow your mind and my name is robert lamp. And i'm joe mccormick. Today we got an art question to start off with If you out there. Have you ever been wandering through museum and looking at old paintings especially maybe paintings From the medieval europe from the renaissance period. And you happen to come across a dog holding in its mouth. Maybe what looks like a big old rolled up newspaper. That's on fire or As as many people on the internet have characterized it a smoking joint or smoking. A hand-rolled cigarette admit that i had i had never noticed this before. And i'm i'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. But i feel like i've i've walked through a number of really good art museums. I i've enjoyed in the past diving into sort of detail oriented topics that involve paintings and yet i have never witnessed the joint smoking dog or the firebrand bearing a dog before until it was brought to my attention by a an art net dot com blog. Post article that we were talking about right so i don't know how you came across this but you're the one who sent it to me and this was a blog post by an american art critic named been davis Very funny and it is addressing the question of why are there so many medieval and renaissance paintings. That depict a adult. What looks like a dog smoking joint. That is the way the author phrases it and it's quite amusing because it includes images examples of this and when you start looking at them yeah it looks like these dogs that they're doing something they're holding some sort of a joint like object or at the very least they have fire they have fire in a way that seems totally out of keeping with what dogs actually want and do in reality so few examples there is one paining from the sixteen sixty s by an artist named one day parade that features of very cute dog laid out on the ground with stubby little four legs tucked up under his paunchy chest and there is a bouquet of white flowers toss to the ground in front of him and then between his jaws. He is clutching a foot long. White cylinder that is on fire on the end opposite of his mouth and yes it does look like some kind of giant cigarette or something of that kind of but it could also be maybe a candle. I don't know it was just a white thing that's on fire. Yeah and the dog has a very relaxed vibe doing this. It's just kind of a chunky relaxed dog. Yes it doesn't look like like. I'm gonna burn your city down or anything like that. He's just hanging out. This is a smooth chunk. All these that mentioning are featured in that. That article by ben davis By the way..

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