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You're helping me. You're helping Maga and you're helping you. All right, Let's get right back to business. L Europe next. Welcome to the program. Brother. How you doing? Pretty good. Glad to hear that. You have you back from Arizona Personal. That's what I wanted to tell you. Because I appreciate that. Thank you. And this time I just wanted to spend you know you're on top of all the other states. And I'm sorry about that, too. But, you know, I promised Donald Trump footage that I take care of him here in Nevada. And this is my I had. I'm not against Adam last all I'm just dying voice to him or how I would handle it. But I think it's a no brainer here for Nevada. The fact that you know a man Mr 14 Pause, one that you know, even protection. Under the law. My mail in voters and walking voters are being treated differently. Okay. Uh, there's no signature verification. If you can see this, verify the signature. How can you verify anything? So that's number one. And the number two regarding the machine is being used. Okay. If the man is if Adam West forwards to get a my answer David for the manufacture Saying that those signatures are not. The machine is unreliable at the setting that it is right off. And you know, right after that, all of those nail in violence that over all those ballots that were done for the machine are invalidated. All the mail in ballots are invalidated. Those people that walk in the border, which were most of them are Republican. We went and never had offered up for Trump. No question The problem l. The problem is this and I'm gonna answer you off here because we're getting close to break and relieving the top of the hour news. But the problem.

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