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Residential street in Clermont County, east of Cincinnati. WLW T reporting that small plane went down in the yard of a home a Deer view drive and Doe run court about 4 30 this afternoon, but no reports. Of any injury, updating tonight a story that we've been telling about all afternoon driver of a semi truck under arrest tonight he allegedly held a woman hostage led police on a chase along I 2 75 this afternoon. Mostly in the Anderson Township area to stop this truck at one point got out on the interstate and was staring down. Police got back in was turning around on the interstate. It was a mess for people who were caught in traffic. Police are saying that the hostage involved with the driver's wife And that she had been taken to the hospital after the driver had let her out of the truck. Ohio State Patrol troopers had pursued that driver for several hours today after 911 calls in Butler County had alerted them to a semi that have been driving recklessly. But there is no report yet on the name of that driver. We expect more details to be coming out. Later on tonight, a person shot and wounded this weekend 800 Block of York Street in Newport Police there have not released Mohr information yet shooting this weekend as well. White Oak Area Chesterfield Court near Cole Ray and Kipling Cincinnati Police are looking for a homeless woman who was assaulted earlier this week on Republic Street in over the Rhine. She is Theresa Benedict and is not Been seen since she was attacked the president. Tweeting out his respects to the family of Congressman John Lewis. The congressman died. He says that he and Melanie are sending prayers. So Louis and his family White House, ordering all flags to be flown at half staff to honor the late Georgia congressman who died at the age of 80. A contemporary of John Lewis is explaining how the civil rights pioneers lessons they're goingto live on well past his death. Andrew Young, served as mayor of Atlanta and represented Georgia in Congress. He said the late John Lewis had a calming effect on everyone. And you fear sometimes what you don't know. And when you get to know someone You realize that there's nothing to see you, Young told ABC. The deaths on Friday of Lewis and another civil rights leader, Reverend C. T. Vivian, proved a key pillar of the civil rights movement. The fact that John made it for 80 years CT for 95 years. Means that Nonviolence does work..

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