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Man it is seven thirty eight you're listening to one hundred point five found main share of the republican party gimmick is known as the now no main share of maki main great again david jones in the how good morning main chair of the senate house republican leader elie as long and stay committee man now gordon draper all in house can wanna guys the morning nice to see all the avoid senator was great obviously a great way you excellent some great things to say group reassured me that there are good people out there that have held office now the problem is is that he's not there anymore i i i i gotta tell you i was really hard to hear what he said about mitch mcconnell the mitch mcconnell was the reason they left really left because maybe more people will wake up to it if tom coburn goes around the country speaking about this the lack of leadership i eat olympia snowe sat where you are sitting ellie while must men five years ago sign and so it could be a sign yeah could be a a good way way sat were you sad must have been five years ago now croissants she left in what january thirteen and said that harry reid was the entire problem with the senate and what created all the frustration right that he was the greatest do nothing majority leader in american political history abide mitch mcconnell's can calls by he's got to be it's it's terrible what's happening down there and he's got to go yeah well i mean a look alley you know when you wale and the you know you you stay in the spot whether you should or not i'm not saying you personally but i mean that's how it works and leadership yeah yeah i n and i mean they have to pay half the opportunity to voice their concerns severely air right and so for him to be bring attention to it i think as gusting yeah i agree it you know with the tax reform proposal the president would like to see a tax reform overhaul right i'm not just tax cuts but an overall the tax.

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