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Problems even in their own deepen the association but of course normal housing with after pence josh let me ask you a question about the filming of this movie you said you basically had to film it in secret within the committee how is that possible didn't people noticed a film crew in the in the community of burrow park didn't and people the actors talk amongst themselves to their friends and neighbors the film was incredibly difficult to make i mean because there's so many seem to this movie that we've never seen before documentaries could not have access we had a recreated so it's important for me to shoot in real suit markets real streets real real shools like actress which rocked out these before showing up the sat were way day of they refused to come because he will pressured them not to be in this film so we were always so aware of that people in bob with the storm had intense risks and the secret miss of it for us was that we want to protect these people because for them they want to express some based human needs and desires rachti every act we we all want express ourselves and for the people may disapper face to be bob with this film it was worth of have opportunity but menasheh he doesn't think that what he's doing is wrong you know when husted's i came to merca after world war two telephones were legal then hid cassettes were league will then cds where illegal for every time a new technologies emerged it's immediately is considered uncoached sure and then you're slow acceptance and menasheh harvest face a he sees his future of may gang kosher films i'm not as it of course so while i was watching this movie in on your struggling in this film so hard to keep your son my first thought of course.

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