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Governor John bel Edwards says coronavirus cases are now confirmed in every parish matter who you are or where you live to understand that this coronavirus is in your neighborhood it is spreading throughout the state Louisiana there is no place where it is if there are some places where we have detected it yet Texas and Illinois to Illinois governor JB Pritzker says expanded testing shows the corona viruses on the moon it was just in cook county there were people in other parts of the state you said it'll never come here this is just a Chicago problem or just a cook county problem well that we've seen in every region an increasing number of cases in central and southern Illinois the list of states seeing a spike on the rise with confirmed cases the epicenter remains New York with thirty seven thousand people testing positive in the state out of the seventy five thousand cases nationwide governor Andrew Cuomo says the race now make sure there are enough ventilators and hospital beds for patients almost any scenario that is realistic will overwhelm the capacity of the current health care system and in California one of the largest cities now bracing for the wave to calm the numbers here in LA county are growing quickly Dr Barbara Ferrer runs the LA county department of public health over the last forty eight hours there been five hundred and fifty nine new cases at that rate of each infected person spreads it to two other people within a few weeks there could be over a million people that would be infected in LA county Alex down ABC news Los Angeles the house will vote tomorrow on the two trillion dollar relief package for qualified Americans and businesses slammed by the economic fallout during the pandemic today the labor department reported a staggering three point three million dollars three million jobless claims just last week you're listening to ABC news.

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