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Now Next Media does a lot of good things. And I'm not blaming next door as as we are sort of you know, what what platform agnostic in this room, the of the I I would say that people's perception of crime is something worth dealing with. I'm not saying that in lieu of actual crime. I'm saying along with. I think that. I like candies reduce crime. I like everything I next time. Can you give me better something to us when you're going to do of how things go together because that was cold? The food and other areas see a stadium as good. No, no, it wasn't. So the homeless population count was out again as a reason to trust. This. Is it accurate or is it? Well, we'll talk about it. Tracy Taylor's gonna check traffic for us. Fred by Michael's Subaru Bellevue. So we're still working the deadly crash investigation. We're all northbound five lanes at the peace arch are blocked off in the detour set in place to Pacific highway crossing until further notice the role that semi I hate to say this guy's. But I'm watching the progress on this one hits gonna be a while before not only does it get upright, but out of the way. So again, the southbound one six seven ramp to eastbound highway eighteen is totally blocked off as well as the ramp from the west valley highway eastbound eighteen so what does this mean for you drivers in Auburn are gonna see a lot of pressure on some of the surface streets, especially dumping off of one six seven altogether there at C street kind of navigating through to get back on the highway eighteen eastbound. So if that's where you're headed this afternoon. That's where you're gonna find the major delays. We're looking at a slow drive on southbound nine. Nine outside of south lake union pretty much all the way out towards the stadiums. Earlier fire activity at broadly and pine has finally been cleared out of the way, we are looking at a lineup on southbound I five nominally from Northgate through downtown that as we get outside of the Duwamish river curves, we'll take a look at those real time travel times coming up here in ten minutes. Traffic brought to you by Michael Subaru Bellevue part of the family owned. Michael automotive group. Put a like live off I ninety eight Eastgate or online at Michael's Subaru dot com. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm.

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