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The reasons why Secondly you need to think about privacy This business model of surveillance capitals invented by Google around 2000 adopted by Facebook Microsoft Amazon And now by auto companies banks and just about everybody else in the economy is really about using data Creating a model of your life based on every digital footprint you leave behind no matter where you go So it could be financial transaction can be a medical prescription or a medical test It could be your location for your smartphone whatever you do on the web whatever you do an app All of that is freely available And people construct these models use them to predict your behavior and again very specifically if they have exactly you and then on top of that to manipulate the choices of milk to you and ultimately to manipulate your behavior Thanks to roger mcnamee cofounder of elevation partners Coming up I talked to doctor Anthony Fauci for his thoughts on booster mixing and matching That's next you're listening to bounce of power on Bloomberg radio This is Bloomberg Carol master whatever you're funny peacock's got it exclusively Stream classic sitcoms like The Office Parks and Recreation and two and a half men Plus catch peak out original comedies like AP bio and save by the bell For all your exclusive comedy phase go to peacock TV dot com and get started Okay we're at home with Jen who is taking out the trash That's right and goodness Look at that designer sweater and jeans combo She is nailing that cozy casual look Oh she's opening the can And the trash is Angie is working that driveway Well with Marshall's amazing prices on designer fall fashion no one can blame her for feeling this fabulous Wow Just look at that lipstick Better get to Marshalls I'm leaving right now Fabulous brands Feel good prices At Marshalls.

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