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Both the defendants. So's, nah, he threatened her with a gun and a scared her so much that she ran out into the street and flagged down a mailman for help the other defendant. John words pleaded guilty earlier this year the jury found so's not was found guilty of sex abuse. And rape, the Oregon legislature is giving up on its fight to keep information about employees, alleging sexual harassment, confidential. Eleven Bradford has details. Oregon's labor Commissioner's investigating sexual harass. Complaints of the Oregon state capital and whether the legislature and able to culture of sexual harassment. It involves accusations of sexual harassment against former Senator Jeff crews who resigned earlier this year legislative leaders wanted to keep information about the accusers confidential and refused to turn over Daikin events. That were subpoenaed by the bureau of labor and industries McAfee judge ruled they had to turn over the documents. And an appeals court said they had to be found in contempt in order to appeal. It house speaker Tina kotex says they will turn over the documents. She says work will continue in the two thousand nineteen session to improve procedures for reporting and better workplace training. When a panel fell from one of the Portland aerial trams and hit a woman on Tuesday. It should have been prevented by a secondary safety system. The Pennells are held in place by middle latches and a secondary metal cable should prevent it from falling, but Carribean or that connects the cable had broken. They don't know why don't Rivera with the Portland bureau transportation says after the incident they checked both tram-cars changed out the Caribbean. Tethers on all. Panels on both cabins in independent engineer will investigate the incident and produce a final report next month. The tram cars are inspected daily by the operators and twice a year by the independent engineer. One of those inspections has scheduled and the other is random, I'm Anna, Eriksson, NewsRadio eleven ninety K.

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