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Despite encouraging news and wishful thinking. The pandemic isn't over. We may be entering the most important phase. Will we win this thing or have to learn to live with it. There's a great podcast. Tackles this question. In the bubble with andy slash handy is returning to host the show after serving as the white house senior adviser for kobe. Response this mini season is called in the bubble our shot covering vaccination efforts and reflecting on the last eighteen months in which we learned a lot about equality society and ourselves. And it's not over yet. In the bubble investigates the work still to be done new episodes. Come out twice a week on mondays and wednesdays. Listen to in the bubble. Our shot with andy slamet from lebanon media. Wherever you get your podcasts. Eighteen sixty five sponsored by the new podcast american sport. The southerners had traveled miles to meet their northern foes for both this day would test their strength and skill but also be a battle for their way of life their pride and culture but it wasn't a battlefield. They traveled to on that late spring day in eighteen. Forty five twenty years prior to the end of the civil war it was a race track and though the wagers were on horses the stakes were the fate of the nation. This is the opening of civil war on the race track from american sport hosted by historian matt andrews who describes in gripping narrative house sports reflect an altar american politics and racial and social movements. Listen to american sport now on apple podcasts. Spotify anywhere else. You listen to podcasts. How is tennessee dull as ditch. Water how are you anti dying on a you on now wrote you. You never wrote back. Put your letters where they belong in the fire. All right down muscle spasms feels like my skin has on fire. Here have a drink. How long have you been holed up in his room. Too damn long. What you need is fresh air. Let's take a stroll into town. I'd rather run naked with a pack of wild dogs. Did you forget you stabbed me in the back. The past is the past. Andy i'm here to talk about the future and talk lest i reached with a pistol in my bedside draw senator. Brownlow of tennessee is poised to retire at the end of his term. Mr thurman and now confident we can win that seat. Back for the democrats with iraq candidate was sent a thumbs endorsement and with the advice of your oldest friend in the world. How that advice workout for the democrats and seventy two. We lost despite my best efforts because the white man of the south didn't turn out the vote for too long the southern people. Our people have been by the shackles of grants negro rule. But you can break their chain tandy you can be there moses meshed you coop little weasel let you are now. Missed you to andy as people. It's time for the south to rise again. And i can think of no better man than you lead the vanguard tell your friend senator thurmond the whereas lips because i'm going to need him to kiss the ring. Salmon will bend the knee and so we'll all right and alert the press coop. Let them know andy. Johnson is about to make the greatest political comeback in american history. It's open mr president. What can i do for you. James i take it. You've heard the news about andrew. Johnson's candidacy no doubt. He's hoping to use the senate to position himself for a presidential run in eighteen. seventy six. He's on a fool's errand. Oh i think he stands a fighting chance especially with the help. He's about to receive from your new treasury secretary. Close the door. My friends tell me. Mr bristow is preparing to launch of investigation into the treasury. Your friends have not deceived. You tell him to stand down. What would i do that. Because the midterm elections are just around the corner. Mr bristol's crusade will not help your friends. I am tired of picking up the newspaper everyday only to read of yet another scandal involving my so called friends the credit mobilier the customhouse. The indian enough is enough james. I share your passion for reform. Mr president but the fact is corruption is an unavoidable. Some might even say necessary condition of our democratic system. What about the bribe you to james. Was that a necessary. Condition was agreed. I have never profited a penny from my position in congress tells a different story the democratic press. I find it ironic that the same organs at once propped up the administration of andrew. Johnson now suddenly preached the gospel of reform. You must see these accusations against me and the rest of the grant man for what they truly are politics. I have four years left in the white house james. My name is do as much. Good as i can for as long as i can. I'll leave the politics to you and my friends. All i ask you said you hold back mr bristol until after the midterms for the sake of the party. If my friends would only reform their ways. I have no doubt the american people would rally behind them at the polls at the risk of offending mr president. And if you're not careful it'll be the death of this party. If the republican party falls in eighteen seventy four won't be because of me. It'll be because my so called friends reviews to learn the era of their ways. Andrew johnson is making way for washington. Careful you don't put the wind at his back. Andrew johnson is the most corrupt president. This country's ever seen the american people will.

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