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Inside the three point arc of the right side drive to the baseline closable floater no good Sanders with the rebound a pump fake thanks in off the glass it is good for two Sanders at six eight two hundred forty pounds the initial shot by dot was an air ball Sanders recognizable form anybody else did a good job of power back in the reserves of one eight to seven sixteen forty to go in the first half inside the Jones on a pass from quitting goodness Jones is proper baby legal for gets a shot off the train will pick up is Val it's a rule in bell the basketball along the baseline along the right baseline his neighbors getting good looks Everytime down really really running their offense through Tyree Jones exactly how travel still likes it DOT checks out attention your projects in the low post by Jones that was the faces the fender kit to back up the Marshall wide open the assistant Jones and a three point analogy Marshall's eagerly five for a left at the seven with fifteen fifty three to play the first day they was off to a great start off instantly Alan ball inside knocking down threes at the same time Sanders drives it to the free throw line gives up the Gibson he takes away the right point the same is right side of the for side when our and we've got a whistle and that may be the legal screen on Sanders let's see which way that goes my feeling Quinn Gooden for knocking it is about maybe Sanders as he turned not good but the official sees it differently what good time Alice McCall and we'll take a break with fifteen thirty.

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