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Consultation we will figure out how to make you look better how to make your face but your body better with your guy a girl doesn't matter this easy things to do and it really doesn't take you know a lot of effort in order to get you the way that you want to so there's a lot of celebrities in the news now talking about plastic surgery do you see Jew Barry more now is a spokesperson for M. scope you were just talking about them scopes Eric issue really I do not know that I'm yeah so she's saying that she and her of his spokesperson she's just saying that she just is doing it she looks great yeah no no she's a new spokesperson for M. scope so she's telling everyone that it really helped her to not that I've given you knows what it's really impossible to do twenty thousand set ups and we can do it for you and a half an hour so it's really pretty good and yet the beauty of em sculpt is it's a non surgical treatment that you can come in you're awake it takes thirty minutes there's no pain with that you can come in again during a lunch break get it done and then leave that's the great thing about it it's not a surgery it's a year there's no downtime with that all that stuff that people hate and said yeah all right so I just saw your pictures of Jennifer Lopez recently and she looks phenomenal by the way and it's questionable whether she had anything done or not done you know she doesn't talk about that at all but her ABS a looking really good I think she's probably the star of our show because every Saturday we talk about J. lo because every week a new photos coming out of her ABS or her body and she looks better and better every single time she looks amazing one of the things that we see in what we do at grammar cosmetic surgery is that patients who are a little bit older looks so much younger than they used to look the forties and fifties the sixties or seventies it's not like it used to be and there's so many things that we do to help tune people up that no one would ever now so the older people don't work anymore they look is so much better yeah I think it's really really important to age gracefully to you don't want to be sixty and look like you're in or try and look like you're twenty you know it's you you want to be realistic with how you look you want to come down five ten years and look great for your age and that's what we can do and that's what a lot of patience Dr they don't want that fake look with big cheeks and everything kind of met you know melding together the fat face they want to look natural they just want to look a little bit more revived and that's you know that's where you come in yeah two one two three one nine four nine nine nine two one two three one nine four nine nine nine it's doctor Stephen Greenburg along with sailor from Greenberg cosmetic surgery it's a nip tuck Saturday were here every Saturday will.

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