Mark Mobius, Cnbc, President Trump discussed on Guarding Your Nest Egg with Mike Lester


I tell you something that's been going on as wall street it has been happening on wall street for a long time now many years and yes we've had a few little corrections here and there but overall people are feeling pretty good about things at least it seems fund manager mark mobius tells cnbc that we really need to be prepared though for the worst was he bringing us back to life i think there could be a substantial correction in the market these shortterm corrections could be quite dramatic thirty forty percent is not unreasonable i'm not predicting that i'm just saying that we have to be ready for that is that e saying just be writing mike okay don't you love these talking points people they can get up and say anything they want they go hey listen i maybe thirty forty percent i mean i'm not i'm not saying i mean could you be more a somebody just come right out and be and stand for something so you know we got to realize there's twenty four hour news cycle when i was growing up and on our clients were growing up you had the news i think blocking the eleven o'clock and it mattered now they're trying to every you know every news stations a twenty four hour news station and you got to fill it with stuff and on the financial news so the pundits on either side and you know here's some guy i don't know who he is chances are none of our listeners know who he is he's probably a great guy they asked him to say something i would take the opposite stance i think things are really good i like what our president's doing i know there's been some volatility but at the same time these decisions that he's made very pro american and some people are against that clearly but at the same time good for the economy i don't see thing wrong with us taking a stance and doing things that are great for our economy now outside of the political side of things that's good for our investors if companies thrive and grow the stock market thrives and grows our clients thrive and grow with it.

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