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This is not right. You need to stop and this whole time his daughter's like hanging onto him screaming. What's going on? So they finally like calm everyone down, they wrenched this daughter off this father the they shut the casket, right? They shut the fuck in the flap so you can't win the guys stop stop. We need to calm down calm down like we can't do this. We have to respect the rules Kovin we're going to get sick tonight and everyone kind of calm down they're like, okay. Okay. Oh, we're cool. We're cool shut that guy get that Guy Outta here that gets to rowdy like shut the fuck up like they all calm each other down the whole community like calms each other down. And everyone's kind of calm and solemn, and then you just hear the again she's like. Okay but like can you open the flap so like we can at least see through the window. So we can at least look at my father and they're like, okay, fine. That's good compromise. We'll open the flap now we're just looking at a at a window we're looking we can see the body everyone's going to be calm and like slowly one by one people start coming up and they start pouring drinks on the on the window and people some people are protesting. This isn't right like you shouldn't do this and other people are like Oh man, this is my boy one like I love him. He would want more more more drink and this guy, this guy is like red I like like. His eyes are fucking blasted read. He goes up to the front of the coffin. He looks at me and I'm like. Shaking my head. And he looks at me again looks down looks at me. I'm like don't do it and he takes a fucking full leader that he has smashes the glass all. Know everybody everybody's there's like, yeah one more drink. Started touring the fucking booze and again everyone's going nuts lit cigarettes are going in it's. Ever..

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