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That that's a huge significant achievement. Press secretary Jen Psaki says the government's vaccination push will continue, especially for adults under the age of 27, who have been slow to get their shots. Greg Clugston, the White House S R n news Military affairs analyst, retired Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis says, hopeful on this independence day we live not, you know, necessarily without our issues, but we live in a nation of freedom and a nation that allows The individual to prosper, given equal opportunity and given their dedication to working hard. He spoke with the Salem radio Network officials say the Taliban's marched through northern Afghanistan has gained momentum with the capture of several districts from fleeing Afghan forces. They say. Several 100 of Afghan forces fled across the border into Tajikistan early this morning, more than 300 Afghan military personnel crossing from the country's Badakshan province as Taliban fires advanced toward the troops since mid April, when President Biden announced the end to Afghanistan's forever wore the Taliban have been making incursions. More than 1000. Soldiers. Firefighters and police have joined rescue efforts after a giant mudslide rips through a resort town southwest of Tokyo, killing at least two people and leaving 20 people missing. Prime Minister Yoshida Sugar says the effort to recover people continues more on these stories at town hall dot com. Me Why? Relief? Thank you is so successful in lowering or eliminating pain? I'm often asked that question. Peten, Seth Talbot, the father and son, founders of relief factor. Tell me.

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