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In the second period. And when you're dialed in Peter your dial in you know, that's again, that's the perfect way to call it. I mean, he's dialed in and he makes that say there was for mental per Vegas taken away and momentum for avalanche with that say that was a huge save in this period. We were talking about that too on one versus jersey versus buffalo as well. Timely saves and talk tries to go underneath the left. Arm of Philip group. Our and Philip grew Bauer says nine no German for all of you listening at home. Happy spoonful schooling just wasn't wasted. Hey, we both went to d you, my friend. Colin Wilson, charging them is for the avalanche. A buck forty six to go in the second period. Andhra ghetto also speaks German has the puck behind the net. It's loose curls. Soderbergh speak. Swedish reverses it to Colin Wilson speaks English. Now the point for Eric Johnson. Also English looking for shot. Dumps it around to the far corner Soderbergh. Chase Africa Marsha so chops edible. It's taken over by Carl Soderberg Soderbergh rims at around the nearside corner. Andrew will pick it up trying to get away from me. Schmidt Magas loose curls Soderbergh has to get her on John the Marsha. Two different body types there, shall we say is Vegas to play a pass off the wall and doing a snow angel on the ice and speech Smith. As this Bank and passes blocked by Marsha. So he's standing at the blue line zone zone along the boards gets at Ford for carpenter wrote it down into the Amazon one minute exactly remaining in our second period. Just just off the bench Tyson Jost gang. Give to the block Vegas. Stars carpenter gains, the red line, go weird hop off the dasher board and into the screen and play will stop with forty nine point two seconds left in the second period. Shots route twenty three twenty one the score is four to two. Are they Colorado Avalanche? Thirty Laskey my pie one. But they were killing a penalty. Chicago scored really early in that third period of tied at one avalanche Benchley lost a point. But they still have only lost one game all season in regulation when they have had the lead. So that was added cushion bat coal is so big with the avalanche. Again, a two goal lead for Colorado at the end of the second period. There's forty three seconds left in it. The Amazon ship gotten two of those instances in the past couple of minutes sort of get things back on track. Jimmy led this game. Three nothing Vegas. Got. It didn't one to straight goals. So now, this is another tip shot benching puck is loose. And I'll tell you. What are good penalties to be taken? And I think this is a good one by Alexander Kirkwood. As he hooks stone Vegas will go on the power play with seven seconds left. Here's Kelly Sutherland, Colorado. Kelly number thirteen minutes per looking. Peter if he doesn't do that. It's a wide open net for Mark stone, and this is a four three hockey games. Yeah. This is as you as you mentioned..

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