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If for those <Speech_Male> of you that are interested in <Speech_Male> learning more <SpeakerChange> about <Speech_Male> this this this great <Speech_Male> relationship zip selling towards <Speech_Male> encouraging check <Speech_Male> it out go to nudge <Speech_Male> dot A._i.. That's <Speech_Male> M._U._d.. G. <Speech_Male> E. Dot A._I.. <Speech_Male> And one of <Speech_Male> the questions I often get <Speech_Male> hall from people <Speech_Male> that are you know whether <Speech_Male> they're using nudge that using <Speech_Male> Lincoln sales navigator. <Speech_Male> They're getting buying <Speech_Male> signals. They're finding <Speech_Male> opportunities to <Speech_Male> engage age. Translating <Speech_Male> insight <Speech_Male> <unk> action <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> can sometimes be difficult for <Speech_Male> people understanding okay <Speech_Male> like so. I see <Speech_Male> that I should contact <Speech_Male> someone. I see <Speech_Male> that something happened in <Speech_Male> their business. Like <Speech_Male> how exactly do I reach <Speech_Male> out to. We just call and say hey <Speech_Male> I saw this. Do I call <Speech_Male> and use that as a way to sell <Speech_Male> someone like what <Speech_Male> are some of the best practices <Speech_Male> you've identified <Speech_Male> in that you guys evangelize <Speech_Male> at nudge <Speech_Male> for how to translate <Speech_Male> those insights <Speech_Male> into <Speech_Male> a next step in an action. <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> That's a really <Speech_Male> great question actually <Speech_Male> the question actually that <Speech_Male> we are right <Speech_Male> now working with customers <Speech_Male> on because <Speech_Male> it's very different <Speech_Male> from say <Speech_Male> B._D._R.. Respected <Speech_Male> how site where <Speech_Male> you may be just want to high <Speech_Male> level mentioned something <Speech_Male> to show all. You're <Speech_Male> trying to show in that situation <Speech_Male> is hey. <Speech_Male> I actually spent <Speech_Male> some legitimate time <Speech_Male> looking at you and your <Speech_Male> company in your situation <Speech_Male> I it's just <Speech_Male> dropping the series <Speech_Male> of of emails <Speech_Male> about block letter <Speech_Male> law thought <Speech_Male> versus in sales brought <Speech_Male> this when you're actually engaging <Speech_Male> where you <Speech_Male> actually have to provide <Speech_Male> context around <Speech_Male> the insight <Speech_Male> because you're not <Speech_Male> just now trying <Speech_Male> to say hey respond <Speech_Male> to my email. You're actually <Speech_Male> trying to show you understand <Speech_Male> their business this <Speech_Male> and so what we actually <Speech_Male> developed is <Speech_Male> a series of play <Speech_Male> books that <Speech_Male> looked at different instinct <Speech_Male> types whether it's an <Speech_Male> exact change <Speech_Male> or earnings announcement <Speech_Male> or a <Speech_Male> event or of <Speech_Male> product line <Speech_Male> and then allowing <Speech_Male> that disorder <Speech_Male> chiller by the role <Speech_Male> within the Zale's prophets <Speech_Male> because it is <SpeakerChange> different <Speech_Male> so playbook sound itching <Speech_Male> are those are those <Speech_Male> available primarily customers <Speech_Male> you have those available <Speech_Male> on the website as <Speech_Male> well <SpeakerChange> yeah <Speech_Male> right now there <Speech_Male> with customers but certainly <Speech_Male> we will be publishing <Speech_Male> them because we think that <Speech_Male> you know that type of content <Speech_Male> attack for anyone <Speech_Male> consuming <Speech_Male> heat that the <Speech_Male> people develop their own <Speech_Male> labels again <Speech_Male> insight driven <Speech_Male> type sales activities <Speech_Male> so yes the answer <Speech_Male> yet will <Speech_Male> be available but right <Speech_Male> now. We're working on them with customers. <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> Now it's <Speech_Male> great. I think definitely look <Speech_Male> forward to chicken that. I think <Speech_Male> that is a big. <Speech_Male> It's a big gap <Speech_Male> for a lot of companies and I think <Speech_Male> is companies. He's not only <Speech_Male> think about how to do this <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Male> with individuals but how to scale <Speech_Male> it like you know what can <Speech_Male> they do to achieve <Speech_Male> that we <Speech_Male> are unfortunately <Speech_Male> running out of time already <Speech_Male> on sales pipeline <Speech_Male> radio WANNA thank our guest <Speech_Male> politician who <Speech_Male> is the CEO <Speech_Male> <hes> and co-founder <Speech_Male> of nudge again <Speech_Male> highly recommend recommend checking <Speech_Male> out there site check out <Speech_Male> the product of world. <Speech_Male> They got lots of great content <Speech_Male> on relationship selling <Speech_Male> as well check out <Speech_Male> a nudge and U._d.. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Dot A._I.. <Speech_Male> Linked to that Mexico notes <Speech_Male> <hes> speaking of show notes. <Speech_Male> If you WANNA hear <Speech_Male> a replay of our conversation <Speech_Male> with Paul you WanNa <Speech_Male> show that was some of your colleagues <Speech_Male> you can

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