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Leverett up. Grampa typically is the Tobin Bridge and the Sumner Tunnel or find them as turnpikes off to a good start as well. My king WBC's traffic on the three and now we gotta check of the four day after Weather forecast meteorologist Dave Bowers is with us. We're just kind of forgetting what happened last night and this morning and looking ahead toe. Maybe some more snow. Later in the week, Dave Yeah, that is the case here. It Z another storm That's taken shape over the Southern Plains right now, before that's arrives on the scene here, though, we have Ah, fresh Matt batch of cold air, which is gonna be pouring in here over the next 36 hours. This. I sitting out over Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin at the moment s we'll dip in the low twenties here tonight is that the clears out see a lot of sun tomorrow, but actually a stay in the twenties and in the clouds will start to show up tomorrow night from that next storm, and the snow follows. This is Thursday afternoon Thursday night. That I think a lot of it is going to be snow. There's some questions for the end, actually, that it mixes with some sleet and rain from the city on South Friday morning before it ends, But generally it looks like 4 to 8 inches of snow across much of the area, and obviously so the poor travel conditions. That should be followed by then some dry weather for the weekend. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist, Dave Hours WBZ Boston's news radio Right now, 37 degrees in the Bedford. It is 37 in Worcester. Warm in New Bedford, though 53 41 degrees in Boston, 3 25 New England business. Now it continues to be a seller's market for real estate in Massachusetts, the median sales prize for a single family home last month hitting Ford and $67,000, that's nearly an all time high. The Massachusetts.

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