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Road for a. Widening project there was supposed to have been done in February and here we are Nagas and it's still not done Mary Peters with the city. Up north Richland hills says the work still has several months To go occurred is said should be wrapping, up toward the end of this year the manager of the pizza delivery restaurant in. That works on says her drivers are getting. Frustrated to having go away around the the world just to get to. The customer is the contractor. Kodiak trenching and boring, is being, mined almost thirteen hundred dollars. Per working day, until the work is, finished along routes no drive, in north Richland hills Andrew Greenstein NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD now eight forty two a father from, North Texas Browns in Florida while trying to. Save, his kids is KRLD Stephen, Pickering with the story the Okaloosa county sheriff's office says fifty. Year old Alejandro Velazquez of. Little elm died in Destin on Sunday while trying to save is. Two kids the eleven year old and thirteen, year old were swimming in the water off a beach and Destin with. A nineteen year old when they began struggling in. The water Velazquez tried to help them but they all got separated by the waves lifeguards. Were able to get the kids to safety but Velazquez Was face down in the water and unconscious when they got to him he was pulled ashore shore and they administered lifesaving measures. But he was pronounced dead, at a Florida hospital Stephen Pickering NewsRadio ten. Eighty KRLD and big announcement last night on channel, eight yeah Brendan here's John McKay retiring in March of two thousand nine next. Year He's probably, one. Of the smartest most talented guys I've ever worked with on TV And he. Came. To Dallas he started a channel eight right around the time you did. Didn't, yeah he can't hear he and Gloria came in late eighty four eighty four yeah I was here in early eighty five. And we work together all those years with them for twenty years. And. Just an outstanding man he's really a renaissance man he's got four or. Five Degrees Degrees got a couple of PHD's couple of master's. Degrees you just really an intelligent. Man he, he he will be missed but but a well-deserved. Retirement, oh. Gosh, yeah thirty years for. Him that's he did very well and is highly respected and we wish him the very. Best it's, eight, forty. Four we have traffic and weather together on the aids coming up for. You then the latest on that missing Iowa college, student the reward is going. Up we're going to go more in depth on that story coming up this portion of the news for homes..

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