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There are platforms out there which really done kite into begins they have rightfully H is but when you first nodding out, you want something that's intimidating someday. MRIS news. Good I, am welcome back to Shays for begins on film mosquito. How do you buy and sell shades? It's a very bicy- question especially now that so many options becoming available. As you've heard on past episodes, it used to be via landline phone and paper documents. Then it went online in the ninety s now, you can invest on your to us of choice. Joining today is Robert Francis Good. I rub it ahead good morning good morning. Robertson managing director of a Toro Platform that aims to remove barriers and make online trading and investing more accessible to the everyday user. It's also about zero fees, which is quite exciting. We'll find out all about that. So you worked in Komsic, which is year traditional original online broker. How was that? What was it like working there? You're in the options yes. When I when I first started, it was on the Shea. Breaking side homesick was very small. It had just begun to dominate the market I spurs we're in a very small office. and then as it grew. I worked there for about a couple of years and then I went to a rival company called td waterhouse owned. by Td. Bank. And there is where I got involved in options and I ran the option this over there well. COMSEC this onto by tasty waterhouse. I, think my paid something like one dollars four. Because TD bank were looking to get out of Australia. Realizing that Komsic Khanna dominated the whole landscape at that stage and I was offered the opportunity to go back to sake and run the options international trading desk over there..

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