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Set like to hear it. It's weird the stuff you learn from going back to these old magazines. Because i have no memory this record and i thought i kept up with stuff pretty well. This was around the time she hooked up with jim gillette and they got married so and then she kind of went on a hiatus forever down below their advertisement for the band solid. Your how prophetic is that. Right after a skid row article. Yeah they must have been looking at this magazine when it came out and said you know this solider guy is pretty good. You know if if some known ever work. Oh maybe we get rid of this guy. We could maybe get that guy. I'd like to hear some of that old solider. But you know. I've got that massive cd want list that i'm always trying to fulfil and got some solid solitaire on there. But i don't never see it anywhere and anytime i've tried to look it up online. Because actually like the stuff that he did with skid row. Nobody else really does. But i kind of liked it. Pretty good record thick skins pretty good revolutions permits got some great songs on it. The dudes a hell of a singer. So i always thought you know whatever he was doing before skid row was probably pretty good. I've always wanted to hear it. But like i said you know if you can find it online. It's usually pretty damn expensive because can't imagine it's kind of a rarity nowadays mall you just got to make your check or money out ordered a salinger. Po box to. I'm just I'll just call the number At it and order it and says catch salinger's video on the playboy channel hot rocks playboy channel used to run rock videos. Yeah so. I only watch playboy channel for the rocket on his mom. Give me the subscription. Yeah it's. I'm just here for the music that's all. It's only one hundred bucks a month right and then the next page has a thing about gilby clarke on tour for pawnshop guitars. That's a great album. Three fourths of cheap trick at the at the show. It looks like yeah. That's cool man. I was excited when that album came out i actually was a. That's what made me become a big fan of gilby clarke. Was that album. Because obviously you know you know him from guns and roses and so when that was coming out. I've been a big guns and roses fan. I wanna check this out none. I heard the song cure me or kill me on the radio and that songs got such a killer guitar riff to it. It's got such a great hook. And you'll be clark's toned right on the money man. Awesome guitar player awesome songwriter. He's got a new one called the gospel truth at should be coming up to my mailbox any day. Now 'cause i ordered it and Yeah but this was the album that kicked off my gilby clarke fandom. Because it's it's got some really great stuff on it. It's a very underrated album. I recommend it highly got I'm looking in the article. There is a Interesting kiss bid a news here. That i don't think i've ever heard about that's saying something says just returned from a tour of japan and australia. I remember that ninety five. Kiss his back in the studio at work on a new album with producer. Bob estrin between its completion and release the band plants to do an unplugged tour in conjunction with their official kiss conventions detail. Soon what That is weird. Yeah because i mean like you said this would have been carnival of souls time but bob. Arizona wasn't involved in that that i'm aware of don't think as rin wasn't anywhere near them around this time..

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