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If you ask me the texans did not handle this situation as well as they could have breath first and foremost when you talk about the role that this player was going to have for this football team this year all right. We know there are some easily easily. Some talented players on that side of the field for the houston texans a right. They've got some playmakers on defense. But what did you know so then you ask yourself a question. If you're gonna pay baby unclogging all this money is going to reap the rewards big picture for you and i think that when you look at some of the dollars have been thrown around to some other players like for example we just celebrated the one year anniversary of khalil mack getting traded to the chicago oh bears and you think about the whole that the raiders got for him and then the money subsequently that the chicago bears had to pay the player. I don't think i'm alone in saying that. Cloudy is not in the same category as khalil mack. He's not you know we thought it was. Maybe going to be the other way around coming out of college into the draft. We thought cloudy. It was gonna be superior. Player and mack was a guy who played at buffalo where the competition certainly wasn't as good as it was in the s._e._c. He made an impact down there but you wonder if that was going to translate translate into the national football league and it has and then some and he has become arguably the best pass rusher in the national football league clown. He's not bad he's. He's just not on that level so if you're houston. I think you have every right to say yeah. I don't think the player is worth what he was asking but then you better at least get it's something good in return and that is where we can sit here and examine. Did they get the best offer they could have and more importantly. Did they handle it the best way they could. Have you know you you think about the houston. Texans right. Now and cloudy had a little bit of leverage in this situation all right. He chose not to sign the franchise tag. He stayed away from the football team. He had every right to do so what the texans should have done here if they didn't want to pay him. They should have traded him before july. The fifteenth july fifteenth was the deadline of course. If you had a franchise player that was the deadline to sign him to a contract extension that is when the texans should have made sure he was no longer on the roster because he kind of saw this day ultimately happening because he wasn't gonna sign the tag. The team wasn't gonna give them huge money that is when they should've shopped them to make sure they got something to him and he couldn't be traded until signing the franchise tender and now look at what houston ended up getting in return for what twenty five cents on the dollar if that you know. Do you think that this player fire who still i think on a good day is one of the better pass rushers in the national football league one of the more feared players in the national football league you send them to the seattle seattle seahawks and you get a third round pick and a couple linebackers arkadiusz mingo who's been nothing more than a journeyman so far in his career. That's what you got form..

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