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And we know the asking always the musical questions how do you spell klavan it's k l a v a n so let's this thing with sarah sanders was much worse she goes to the red hand in lexington virginia what was eleven east washington street just in case you wanna drop in and she goes there they tell relieve but it was worse she was with her family here is mike huckabee sarah's dad telling what happened after they threw out sarah in her family left and of course sarah was asked to please vacate sarah and her husband just went home they sort of had enough but the rest of her family went across the street to a different restaurant the owner of the red hen 'cause nobody's told us then follow them across the street called people in organized a protest yelling and screaming at them from outside the other restaurant and creating this scene one of the members of sarah's inlaws who were there by the way most of her in laws not our motherinlaw and fatherinlaw but most of them are very liberal and one of them walked out and said look i don't like trump i'm not a supporter i'm far considered liberal but you guys are embarrassing me and you're not helping the 'cause it was ironic that you know in any said sarah's not even here you're yelling and screaming at somebody who's not here this is what the left has been reduced to it's it's really tragic it's i i don't know if tragic is the word but it is embarrassing because it's who they are because it is really you know obviously not everybody who votes democrat is like this but so many people because they hang out with only people they know see the the right doesn't have this problem because we're surrounded by hollywood because we're surrounded by the academy because we're surrounded by journalists we hear leftwing arguments all the time we learned to fight them in our minds we learned to think back against them they never hear from us they do not understand that so much of what they say is offensive they do not understand how deeply deeply cutting mean cruel and stupid it is to respond to every opinion disagree with by calling it racist they don't get it and so when this he's talking about them chasing a left wing couple right his sarah's other inlaws right they're talking about chasing left wing couple of these left when you're saying to this you know you're you're coming after your own at this point and yet and yet if you go on msnbc where the liberals gather right they are defending this they are defending it let's take a look at cut number one if there are babies in cages over here are you still going to be able to go out in polite society and have dinner with the democratic citizens of your country you reap what you so the folks who worked for him who are part of this remarkably unconventional administration and that's putting it as politely as i can on a monday i don't think should be surprised at this reaction i mean our our folks surprised at what they've gotten did they not know what they were voting for in terms of thome tenor substance all of it i think that trump administration led during anyone trump administration and their allies lecturing anyone on civility is ridiculous you know what let's talk about something that actually matters people's lives which is these kids in their parents and talk less about the treatment of sarah huckabee sanders and more about the children who are dealing with us appropriate response look like how polite do we have to be the people that are put ages i would say that we don't have to be polite to those folks i would say that be polite discourse is inappropriate when they're babies in cages which is been incredibly dishonest because they were bb's in cages as they come up with these very good i really the cages during the obama administration but obama wasn't shouted down none of his people were shouted down he was the light worker you know he was the the the.

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