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Winter weather advisory from 4 p.m. to 10 A.m. Tomorrow we have a Mick wintry mix of light rain, freezing rain and snow. Overnight, maybe nature to of accumulation 32 right now. In Edgewood. It is 36 in Glen Burnie. Time for Chuck's Food News. We head out to the chuck wagon for the latest items trending in the food and beverage World Public service for our listeners in the name of butter ball, Jonathan. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Although he is a tool, Brooks worlds all what is this 1971 by the way on Friday, the fast food chain chick fil A. They're heating up their menu, releasing their grilled spicy chicken deluxe, in which starting today s O. They don't like the fried version, which is delicious, but a lot of people try to avoid fried food. Then they've got the grilled spicy chicken sandwich and get it today, limited time and see what happens. Donut shop at Disney Springs. Now something grilled cheese sandwiches made with doughnut funds. Because Disney World is barely on a vacation for your arteries as well. This'd is already buns. It's called ever glazed doughnuts and cold brew. It's opened up in the Disney Springs dining and shopping district earlier this month. It's a good spot. That's a real good spot, they said. You could get a griddle glazed doughnut instead of a bun. For just a dollar extra. So again if you want that good stuff, right? Yeah, host isn't releasing a new variety of Twinkies inspired by the Ghostbusters film scheduled to be released again this year. Then we have the original Ghostbusters and then the old female Ghostbusters. Now they're making Ghostbusters again. So we have Ghostbusters Twinkies, Ghostbusters cereal, all sorts of stuff. From We know the cast of the new Ghostbusters. I haven't seen the cast you ever imagined. It's going to be released in June of this year. So imagine you're looking at one right now. Yeah, uh, from the Why would they ever do this department? Some Duncan locations or test sail test telling Pre made solids. Why? Why is right that again? You go there. You wouldn't go there for coffee and donuts and some people get breakfast sandwiches, But now you get yourself a salad and Donna. Nice tofu burger. Better be for better. You could get dead on a glazed donut. That's it all. We don't want anything that starts with toe. Little boy mill Canadian company is seeking full time and part time candy ologists to serve his taste. Testers can be fun House based in Ontario said they Remote working positions over $47 an hour remind so you were there. Yeah, so you could do it from anywhere. 47 bucks an hour a sample and review 3000 candy and chocolate treats. Jack Wade took the pleasure of signing you up. Thank you. Yeah. It's almost as much as we make now. Is that almost Oh, yeah, just about Yeah, close to you. Of course you make the you know the cash equivalent. And then there's the barter equivalent, which would put you over that $100 in our mark. I'm gonna put you over something I could tell you that come to the edge of the Grand Canyon. All right. Drugs in a double. Alright, See, it is a 6 48. Then let's take another call here. This is from Bob involved involved. Good morning. Yeah, it just seems like you always got me behind Chuck. That's right. That's a good spot for you. Listen, I'm the other Bob. You know any other way from Baldwin and I'm just a little tidbit about these national guards. It. If they were homeless. National guards maybe would have put them up in hotel rooms. Well, funny. You should say that President former President Trump It sounds so weird. He offered the use of the Trump International Hotel for first responders and guardsmen, and some of them did give it over there. They would at least relax on couches and sofas wherever they could lay their weary head. So, But all these cities like New York, San Francisco, they all put the homeless people who told burns Baltimore to inspect the guard. Is that the Lord Baltimore being used for that right now? Yeah, I think you're right. Yeah. So again, Uh, look, Governor Hogan could bring him home and put him in the Lord Baltimore. Bob, Thanks for the call. Appreciate that loss is Michael Friedman. Therefore, you 24 7. Should you ever need them And we're talking serious accidents resulting in serious injury And you do need seriously Eagle representation. I can't tell you the number of times Michael has indicated to me people try to do this on their own bad idea. Because usually screw it up. And once you screwed up, you're not gonna be able to get the kind of, you know, judgment or settlement that you need to take care of your medical costs or whatever so All you do. Make the phone call to Michael and just sit back and relax and recover. Get better focus on getting back to your family back to your job back to running your business, the important priorities in life and that Michael and Stephen and Rachel Albert Freedman and the whole firm will take.

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