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Radio Times 6 16 right now, on Colorado's morning news, the state Supreme Court upholding the state's ban on large capacity gun magazines. Rocky Mountain Gun owners filed the action, saying the ban is a violation of the Second Amendment States High Court found that the 15 round limit to be within the limits of the constitution. The ban was passed in 2013 following the mass shootings. Like the one carried out at the previous year. At the Aurora Theater. Big crowds expected, as you can imagine, for the Fourth of July at Bear Creek Lake Park, with limited options to celebrate because of the pandemic and the reopening of the Big soda Lake swim Beach officials are expecting record attendance for the holiday. 6000 people showed up for the holiday last year. Visitors Aaron Courage to arrive early because no re entry will be allowed if the park reaches its capacity. Part Gates Open at 6 a.m. All summer long. White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany says that It. Houses encouraged that Corona virus fatalities air coming down. We're aware that their embers that need to be put out but the's signs of decreasing fatality they are working. Maura than a dozen states are experiencing surges of the virus, though notably Florida, Texas and Arizona, and during a briefing make McEnaney insisted that the president has no problem with face masks and beliefs. People should allow guidelines. In further local jurisdictions to wear him. Though the president refuses to wear a mask. Americans don't come in European Union countries are expected to extend a ban on travelers from the US for the next two weeks. The U. S scheduled today to formalize a resolution barring travelers from the U. S. Where Corona virus cases air surging, like Texas and Arizona travels expected to resume Wednesday among you nations as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. But travel restrictions will stay out for countries where the Corona virus situation is worse than the average of the U. Member states and the four other European countries of former California police officer Admitting to being the Golden State killer, Joseph James D'Angelo pleaded guilty. Hey morning to 13 counts of murder. Investigators believe D'Angelo was responsible for also committing more than 50 rapes and more than 100 burglaries across the state of California. Throughout the seventies and eighties, he worked for the Auburn Police Department. That's a suburb of Sacramento until he was fired for shoplifting. Back in 1979. D'Angelo was arrested in a quiet residential neighborhood of Citrus Heights back in 2018 after a DNA match and the theatrical group Cirque du Soleil is filing for bankruptcy protection. The company said Around 3500 employees will lose their Jobs. In the meantime, investors air set to bring $300 million to the table to keep the theater group in business. However, that has to be approved by a judge in Canada. NBC News Radio's Deem You Chou, the company has had to cancel multiple shows because of covert 19. Think of Las Vegas. You say how many Cirque shows are performing in Vegas at any given time? There all off, taking a big big hit? 6 19 here on Colorado's morning. Who's kind of on that subject. We're talking about something we call our least our next guest having coming up, says the end of jobs with the new economy. Maybe gonna look like in light of covert 19 will have that discussion in a moment You drive right now. John Morrissey..

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