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His she said she didn't care at anything about nineteen sixty nine heat so manson later in life became really interested in um preserving the environment he came of this thing called at were uh air trees water can't remember the last a air yeah arrogant that would be lee with elected a year a right so um she became very interested in him for his ecological stance right and she moved out to be close to move visit amman weekends and they became very close and i guess tisch kind of demonstrate to the world that he he still had a still got at world dea he um asked her to carve an accident forehead and she did so um she was also big time into collecting in selling manson memorabilia ed points out in this article i think he's referring to her that the whole marriage thing may have been a ploy to get at manson memorabilia but i don't believe that's the case at all so she actually ran a website and still does called manson direct dot com and it's it's like uptodate so so i i think as she had not abandoned him after some big big score with memorabilia like she seems to have been the the real deal follower leica early mansa family girl reincarnated huh we heard so there were a bunch of other uh i saw an article where they are at least ten other weird deaths related to the manson family that um some people say could have been them or maybe not a look into a few of them that was his original uh or at least this guy was originally going to represent manson as his an attorney name iran hughes he ended up representing a think leslie van houten yep but she ah he disappeared while on a uh those attending recess in the trial so he goes camping with another couple in the couple left and he's like i am going to stay on here in the woods he was never seen again sells it a weird they never found a body or anything i don't think it wasn't they even though he was one of their defense attorneys say a huge grudge against two because like you said earlier van houten um krenwinkel an actions were all um or not atkins a camera the third us we're all going due to incriminate themselves so as leslie van houten houten's defense attorney.

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