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When the revolution ends in seventeen eighty three and george washington comes back to mount vernon he resigned his commission comes to mount vernon and he's visited by all sorts of foreign dignitaries because there really isn't a capital the united states at the time and he's the most famous person in the nation and so it was regular visitation from ambassadors of all these different countries to the young american see they wanted to come see the great george washington and where he lived and he was in that period that the marquis de lafayette visited again the united states as well as the spanish ambassador an in a number of other dignitaries how many other presidents have hosted a foreign head of state here in mount vernon presidents have been visiting mount vernon since the very beginning since john adams who was second after george washington and of course and bringing foreign dignitaries to mount vernon has been a big part of of what they've done particularly in the in the twentieth century the first one that i know of i think is the visit of president buchanan with the prince of england at the time edward who would go on to become edward the seventh of england but but he prince edward came out in the full congress of the united states came out in that moment and although he wasn't a head of state it was incredibly important moment because here you have the visiting prince of the country that america broke free from visiting the tomb of the of the general that led the army in the first independence movement against the british empire and so that was that was important in the twentieth century it was common for visitors of dignitaries foreign visitors to come to mount vernon to plant trees or or lay wreaths at the tomb so you know there there's a visit after world war one where we had a numerous of the generals from world war one marshal foch was here the french marshal as well as other important visitors the most famous visit by a head of state and the state dinner which happened here was during the kennedy administration jackie kennedy had been writing out at mount vernon with then had vernon the the superintendent amount vernon as he was called and she really came up with a great idea of trying to host the state dinner here on the east lawn at george washington's house and.

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